December 19, 2014

DC Shoes welcomes Tristan Funkhouser

DC Shoes welcomes Tristan Funkhouser Aka T Funk

December 18, 2014

Jim Greco's Home Invasion, Ep. 1

Join Jim Greco and Epic TV for their new web series "Home Invasion". Barge into skaters' homes and see how they are living. Take a tour of their lairs and go skate with them at their favorite every day spots. Episode one takes us through the House itself, home to Greco featuring Jeremy Klein, Erick Valdez and Jay Thorpe. Join us for future episodes including Colin Provost, Louie Lopez, Jon Dickson and more. Up on

December 17, 2014

Firing Line Tristan Funkhouser

It's always sick when someone ends a line at 3rd and Army by using the narrow roll-up on the way to the big gap. Up on Thrasher

December 15, 2014

Annual Bakerboys Distribution Holiday Demo


It's that time of year again the Annual Bakerboys Distribution Holiday Demo is here Saturday December 20th at Sheldon Skate Plaza 2:00pm to Dark 12477 Sheldon St Sun Valley CA 91352 Free Give Aways From All Brands!

December 12, 2014

Kill Tapes 2004 Baker Tour in Puerto Rico

They start off by crushing the demo, then Greco grabs the guitar and the street action begins. Herman's up and down stair assault at the end is legendary. Up on Thrasher

December 3, 2014

Product Pillage with Andrew Reynolds & Crew

Ever wonder what it’s like when your favorite pro goes to his sponsor’s warehouse and raids the place for gear? Well now you can see exactly what it’s like in this edition of Product Pillage on Strange Notes. Get possessed to skate and maybe you will be raiding the warehouse one day! Andrew Reynolds, Cyril Jackson, and Kevin “Spanky” Long skate Independent Trucks.