February 10, 2016

Free Lunch with Jeff Lenoce

February 9, 2016

Jim Greco's "Hammers" Interview

JIM GRECO IS AN OBSESSIVE. When he’s into something, you’re gonna know about it; like, “Holy-shit!-Did-you-see-Jim-Greco?” know about it. Though many have marveled at his radical transformations from skinny-tie rocker to inked-up thug to something akin to a circa-’78 James Caan, what’s really important about Jim Greco is his myopic commitment to skateboarding. This guy is thinking about skateboards and skateboarding right now. Through a long and storied career, he’s as focused as the first day he started. More than focused, it’s eating him alive. —T-Ed Check out Thrasher Magazine for more.

February 8, 2016

Jim Greco's "The Way Out" Film

A journey through the 11th and 12th year of Jim Greco's sobriety.

30 minute film (35 mm color) produced by Hammers USA

February 5, 2016

Cyril Jackson Ride or Die - Shake Junt

Cyril Jackson turns things up in the newest Ride or Die segment from Shake Junt.

Watch now, and realize that Cyril can make just about any trick look good—like the big flip at 1:27 and the switch frontside heelflip at 1:32.

January 29, 2016

No Jumper - The Beagle Interview

The legendary Baker/Shake Junt filmer and philosopher BEAGLE joined us today on the podcast for one hell of a conversation. We got Beagle to talk about everything from finally switching to HD after almost 20 years behind the VX, his Three 6 Mafia infatuation, taking 2 days off from skating per year, driving an Uber and much more. Enjoy and by all means Subscribe to our channel and check us out on Soundcloud via the link below.

January 28, 2016

Bailar - By Drew Connors

Deathwish NYC Homies Keith Hardy & Jake Keenan Full Parts representing Labor Skateshop and KCDC!!!