September 3, 2015


Zack Krull gets this weeks Bath Salts trailer. Coming in November 2015 the first full length Am video from Heroin Skateboards. Heroin Skateboards

September 3, 2015



Be sure to check out Fos FM tonight at 8:00pm KChungRADIO.ORG Or if your in the Los Angeles area on 1630AM Radio

September 1, 2015

Lost In Crookslation - Chet Childress

Lost In Crookslation - Chet Childress from Desillusion Magazine

Skateboarder, artist, unpredictable traveller, pioneer. There are many words to describe Chet Childress.
Having discovered skateboarding in 1984, Chet's led a three-decade strong career from living on the run, in constant search of the stoke. Desillusion Magazine editor Robin Pailler spent five days with Chet in his childhood town of Wilmington, North Carolina, to gain an insight into the mind of one of skateboarding's greatest living legends.
Supported by KR3W
This short film is based on the article "Greetings From Nowhere" published in Desillusion Magazine 49, Volume 1

September 1, 2015

Firing Line: Jake Hayes

A plaza at a slight downhill with two ledges means no pushing and plenty of fun. Up on Thrasher

August 31, 2015

Best of Spencer Hamilton

Supra dropped a part of Shake Junt rider Spencer Hamilton. With a deep bag of tricks and an eye for spots, Spenny’s been on a long path of destruction around the world. From Vancouver to Venice Beach, from the Big Apple to Barcelona, Spencer’s always down to roll and always puts in the work to get the clip. Check the full edit and be prepared for more from him in the near future.

August 28, 2015

Stay Flared: Roomies Part 3

Lakai and Emerica hitting the road together was an amazing idea and no one can complain...except the hotels that had to deal with these savages. Here's the final Roomie installment. Up on Thrasher