July 20, 2010 | 62 comment(s)

Faces Of Deathwish Tour Dates!

Faces of Deathwish top half tour poster

faces of deathwish tour lower half


  1. Your only chance at seeing snuff in real life!

  2. when u guys headin to the east coast nyc?

    biggie smalls
  3. YALL GO right past tacoma washington yall BETTA MAKE A STOP AT LAKEWOOD skatepark!!!!!!!!! (253-223-0110) hit a homie up

    prophet da posse
  4. You guys should check out great falls montana park, the park is fuckin tight! big bowls a tight snake run, its the shit bring that tour here!!!

    chris morton


  7. you g's are niggs to live for and to bad i live in florida.

    Junt Swagg
  8. cant wait to they come to fresno

  9. dude wen are the demos going to be in florida man? the demos are always in ca and shit . i havent really herd baker or emerica ordeathwish ever doing a tour in florida? wens it gunna happen

  10. please have a tour on the philippines .

    wacky santos
  11. you should come to england

  12. Deathwish needs to come to vegas MAN!

  13. When are you guys gonna tour in St. Louis?

  14. come for chile keep it clasic

  15. when you going to come to chicago hit me up if you wanna skate lol 815 886 2723

  16. wen yall gonna hit up tha eastside again?? SC
    we chilled wit yall last year wen u came to greenville at no name
    this time go to xeminos soooo much better

    T.J. -->Shake Junt Foo!!<--
  17. no atlanta dates? say it aint so!

    nasty neil
  18. yall should kum 2 south central LA nd skate with TEAM HIGH RISK!!..all we do is HITT RISKY SHIT!!!! cuz 1 day we wanna be from DEATHWISH!

  19. Guys I just wanted To Say Thanks For Coming to Fresno I Had Blast it Was A Pleasure meeting You Guys Thanks hope You Come Again

  20. come bak to exodus that shit was baggin

  21. dang fool oklahoma is where its at come skate

  22. You guys need to hit up MORENO VALLEY CA its right next to RIVERSIDE!
    one day... lol

  23. when u guys comin 2 florida n stop by westside skateshop again

  24. you guys gotta roll thru blythe! we'll roll a bleezy and skate our shitty park here haha hit me up...

  25. Dudes come to the skatepark of tampa and rip it up

    Kris has a deathwish
  26. you guys should go to wenatchee,washington! that would be sick! and alot of people would apreciate it! its about 2 hours and 30 minutes away from seattle!

  27. come to missoula montana after oregon. mobash skatepark.

  28. you guys should come to hemet california skating is dead nothing to do everyone is a tweacker haha bring sakting bach homieeee!!!

    felipe rodriguez
  29. cider,rum,vodka and thats a shit mix!!
    come to the uk the spots are shit the woman ugly but the food is rad!!
    and so is manchester

  30. go to the borne skate parkk in tx

  31. come party in milwakee and hit me up (414-339-4929)

    JJ Goodman
  32. fucking wankers. I loooove the skate

  33. fuck these bitch niggas sayin u need 2 go to oklahoma and shit it be sweet to see yall niggas at virginia beach thtd be tight mad mucho passion

    brett nigga
  34. you guys should do a tour to minneapolis mn

  35. you should come over here to dubai since we dont have shake junt here yoo

  36. come to mattoon illinois and check out are small town skate park its badd ass.....SMOKE :)

  37. Shake Junt, Deathwish, and Baker are all buck as fuck fool come skate Chicago sometime for a demo or some random ass hyjinx,,,or hell we'll blaze

  38. Demo and signings gonna be sick tomorrow

  39. THIS TOUR IS THE FUCKING SHIT! hands down deathwish does things right. fuck yeah! the whole team is rad in different ways, its fucking sick.

  40. LSL baker has a deathwish,,

    daniel pato garcia
  41. Lizard King, Moose, & Jim Greco. My four sons and their 3 friends had an great time and really enjoy talking with you! PS: Moose, My son Darrin hopes that you enjoy the large fingerboard that He swapped you for those t-shirts :-)

  42. deathwish rules!

    filipe maio
  43. Everyone should visit Sweden. Sweden has a deathwish, look at the stats. Sverige Γ€r BÄÄÄST!

    johnny balle
  44. Jim Greco Thanks for signing my board twice!! Ellington you allways have my support. Missed you Terry Kennedy. Ya'll made my nephews and my day. Shout out to Oak Harbor!!!

  45. yo deathwish is the shit you already know, green for life mayne. haha passion fool. congrats lizard!

  46. Deathwish needs an east coast tour. you gotta visit west haven and north haven they are the livest skate cities in connecticut. DEATHWISH OWES THE EAST COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kyle Hopkins
  47. i need weed. Do you have lizard king?

    eder martins
  48. i need weed lizard!

    eder martins
  49. AT the end of your tour you guys should stop by fallon nevada theres a pretty cool skatepark here and it would be sick if we could all shred with you guys

  50. come to australia you ladzy cunts

  51. Baltimore is where its at!

  52. wussup. .when will faces of deathwish release?
    cant wait to watch this tour. . aahhhhhhh!

    deathwish for life!
    king! king! king!

  53. come to the 918 fools itd be nice door meech you

  54. fuck all these other places,
    come to fuckin killadelphia!


    i know this dude that has a tattoo of "deathwish" on his arm
    but they dont even sell em here. fucking sucks bought mines online

  56. u should cum 2 hell paso texas we guna get a new park called dc plaza it guna b 4 times bigger than carolina and go 2 crooks skateshop

  57. You guys should just keep killin shit and keep thrashin


  59. Up in Idaho we need some Real inspiration.. If you know what I mean, ShAke JUNT!!!

  60. i wish yall would fuck wit the 214. 4reel!

  61. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  62. dudes, cleveland ohio, noone comes here, and our locl skate shop ( is closing, what do we do.... come here and ill see if i can buy you guys some gum balls and some stolen m-80s hahahha