July 23, 2010 | 18 comment(s)

Baked in Bakersfield

Big city skatepark Inside stair set crowd Short 2 hour drive to the park then straight to the 9 stair for warmup.dickson nollie 180 Dickson blast a nollie 180 down the setLizard and Dickson regroup at the topBurnett bakersfield Burnett from Thrasher surveys the park for Hammers.Erik cool down Damn! Doing a demo mid day in a steel building kinda gets hot, Erik and Lizard get cooled down with water falls.Lizard new tat Lizards new tat and growing wrist band collection.twuan boobs Twuan gettin' down with the crowd.gauged ears There some sort of unwritten law out in Bakersfield that say, either you or the person with in 5 feet of you most have ridiculously gauged out ears. Furby got some competition out here.Baker for life Baker for life kid isn't taking any chances, helmet stays on while the Deathwish crew shreds.signing bakersfield Starbucks coming in hot. EE ready to start this lined up bakersfield Mucho passion from all the kidsbig city board Lizard signs the shop decklil kid and slashlil kid and dad Lizards face of deathwish Lizards face of deathwishJim face of deathwishee faces of deathwishMoose 360 face bakersfeild Moose 360 holding ot down for the westslash, dickson, thomas Slash, Dickson and Thomas holdin it down on the far end of the table to soak up the life changing swamp cooler. Damn it was hot!Erik cools off the kids with guns EE cools the kids off.jim fence JIm sticker toss over the fence.Faces of deathwish tour shirt Reppin that new Ltd. summer tour Tand the kids keep coming So many people came out. Thanks to the crowd that waited patiently, in sweltering heat for over an hour.Brothers fight over how is betterfurby burnett caught calling home Burnett seen in a distant field handling bizness as usual.rat tail pipe hits Rat tail weed tooksLizard serial killer t Lizard with the hardest T on tourreal gunNew grip Greco and Twuan with that new ltd Deathwish gripLIzard takes a break Lizard takes a breather out backshop employesThanks to everyone from the shop for helping outowners rick and vonya Shop owners Rick and VondabbqAfter demo BBQ. Mad chicken and hotdogs for days.twuan trys out one of them franksTwuan trys out one of them franks.twuan hot dogmoose dinner Moose's dinner. Two AZ ice tea, Hot dog, and some chicken.beale with chicken And you know, Beagle loves chicken!jim twuan lizard Lizard, Greco, and Twuan figuring out the skate spots for tomorrow in fresno.lizard road sodas Lizard gettin his share of road sodas before the drive to Fresno.beagle sin pic Beagle found a random mag laying around with Sinner switch pop revert in it. Randomgyeahh big cityGyeeahh Big City Skateparkthanks agianThanks again to everyone for stopping by. Next stop, Fresno.


  1. dope update keep em coming!

  2. dude i was there it was so fuckin tight thank you so much for coming out greco killed it some little kid hugged slash hahaha again thank you it was a fuckin blast

  3. thats some bangin shit..

  4. lizard had a sick ass shirt fool G-CODE!!!!!!

  5. Killer shit........Deathwish killed especially MOOSE!!!

  6. who the fuck is tits and lizards shirt is fukkin sick and shit

    who the fuck is tits
  7. Thanks for posting this shit deathwish!

  8. even if Bako didn't exactly bring the hype..
    Deathwish sure did!

    hell yeah!!!


  10. why you guys such the homies? what other company actually kicks it and is as gnarly to the kids n shit

  11. hey whats lizards purple thrasher hat called i gotta get me one of those.

  12. Dang, i was actually working at woodward west while this was going on... I was trying to ditch that place to hit up the demo but i couldnt.
    Looked like fun though!

  13. DEATHWISH666
  14. sick thanks man

  15. I wish you guys would come tear shit up in atlanta

  16. Fucking sick

  17. Big City wants to thank DEATHWISH for coming out!!! We had a great time. Hit us when you pass thru.

  18. i wish i was there