July 24, 2010 | 25 comment(s)

Frying in Fresno

Jim setup board

Wake up next morning in Selma. Early board setups in the parking lot then off to Fresno.

thomas polariod

Thomas messes around with a polaroid cam he picked up before the trip.

keeper tat

With a signing and demo at 3pm, we headed over to the nearest school for a quick sesh. Slash gives Keeper a hit.

EE imposible

Had to test out the new point and shoots sequence mode with an EE impossible.

The boardroom front

The Boardroom skate shop. Employees told us that kids had been lining up since 8 am.

The heads

The good people at The Boardroom hooked up a killer display for the tour.

jim head


lizard head


jon head


furby head


Twuan head


moose head


Slash head


Slash & Lizard water gunz

Didn't take more than 5 mins for lizard to start filling up water uzi's and torturing the crew.

lizard slash guns 2

slash 3

lizard 4a

fool with gun

This guy loved the guns.

deathwish 4 life

Deathwish 4 Life

door blocker

Door man.

dickson and thomas pizza

Dickson & Thomas gettin down on some free pizzas from the shop

super fan

super fan 2

Twuan loves pizza

ee pizza

moose art

Moose art on the tables.

sleezey e

Sleazy mother Fuckin E!

Burnette partying

Burnett relaxing.

shad chillin

Shad chillin.

home made deathwish t

Home made Deathwish T

Iphones fool

Iphones Fool!

Deathwish water guns 4

The line was long and damn it was hot. Blessed the crowd with some new Ltd edition water uzi to cool off

water gun 9

Deathwish 4 life 2

Deathwish 4 life!

junt lil guy

jim signs guitar

kid guitar

Lizards gettin board

Lizards loves pizza.

ee and kid

count the fingers

The homie Josh tells me after i take the picture, "count the fingers later man." Josh kills it.

lizard king joints

Lizard smokes 3 at a time now.

jim greco orange break

Greco takes an orange break before the demo.

EE custom t

EE got blessed with a custom T

panorama of the Fresno park

Rolled up to Fresno park for a demo. The park ranger tried to make the crew wear helmets for the demo. Some how we never got a round to gettin' those helmets. sorry fool.

ee Fs flip hip fresno park

EE Frontside flipper on the hip.

Furby kf pyramid

Furby Kick flips the pyramid with ease.

lizard board down the hubba fresno

Lizard bombs the hubba.

Slash backside flip fresno park

Slash back side flippin the pyramid

Darren on the mic fresno park

Darren killing at as the hype man on the mic.

Lizard king scare walk

Lizard Scare walkin the pyramid .

Furby nollie heel board

Furby nollie heel board with steez

Furby nollie back heel

Furby nollie back heels the back

EE charging in

EE charging in.

EE and slash fresno park

Osama bin slash

Osama bin Slash.

ee givein 5

ee Flippin

EE Switch frontside flippin

dickson one footers

Dickson one footers on the pyramid.

ee with the kids

Gift from the shop

Gift from the shop.

lizards new girl

Lizards new lady he met at the demo.

fresno street spot

Fresno street spot after the demo.

This gitch was hatin

This bowl cut having, bluetooth headset not conect to a real phone wearing ass cunt wasn't feelin us.

night spot

night spot to end the day.


  1. awesomeness mike palmers tight GREEN ROOM BITCHES

  2. also i had a great time thanks for the love...DEATHWISH FOR LIFE!!!! that security guard was hilarious

  3. That day was to sick! EE Slash Furby and Lizard killed the skatepark!

  4. Fuck Yeah Foo that shit was tight
    Thanks for sighning my guitar guys
    you should come back one of these days

  5. haahhahaha the fucking cop with the bowl cut hahaha, soo good dude

    The Dee Williams
  6. man... lizard gotta hook me upp with the place he got that serial killer shirt

  7. Hell yea lizard hope you liked those Jays i hooked you up with homie GREEN ROOM

  8. FUCK,do you guys know how much of a blessing it would be if kids seen you guys throw down a demo in halifax, nova scotia, canada?
    people like us dont expect to see you guys around but atleast come get a breath of fresh air and see what's up,
    that would be BUCK AS FUCK!!

  9. haha shit im in hella of these pics =]

  10. you guys were in san jose and stayed the night at a motel right next to my house i wanted to give you guys sum art work but when i went back you fucks left. any ways much love

  11. smoke 3 joints in the morning
    smoke 3 joints at night hahaha

    gad dam cam
  12. dude you guys made my killed it at the park and thanks for signinf my board...thanks lizard for the hat you gave me.

  13. lizard thanks for the deck it was so dope meeting you fucks.

  14. fuckin passion dude full on. god bless bakerboysdist. or satan, whatever your into haha.

    steven cearley
  15. way to keep this shit up to date and proper

  16. i hope lizard likes scary mary. i had her for quite some time. haha! i'm definitely stoked to see you guys put up a picture. the demo was lots of fun. sorry about the heat. haha!

    Justin Cash
  17. mann deathwish for life, i hope i get sponsored by them, itd be sick, evryones cool as fuck to evryonee

  18. haha slash'S california raisins t-shirt is sick as always.btw the deathwish cap that EE has, is it out?

  19. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha shitt that bluetooth is up her ass thats her bowl cuts problem! hahahah and shitt if i wasnt on house arrest id smoke those three jays to the teeth wit ur ass then go skate it off
    slater-702-dixon already kno-get this money thoo

  20. im sorry bring it haters....i just wish i coulda got some love on the shirt. i made that shirt EE is wearing, its petty but i just feel like i gotta have it known i made those. DEATHWISH FOR LIFE G's!!!!!!!!!

  21. lizard kings is the best and im from venezuela y no se si escribi bien :B

  22. Well, I see that my ad finally made it here!

    replica uhren
  23. It's all Bush's fault!!!

  24. i just got the board tha ellington is using on the forth pic it is moving i just have to get my shake junt grip and boolt then i can skate it