July 27, 2010 | 8 comment(s)

San Jose Block Party

Twuan Fun dippin

Twuan, AKA Candy gettin down on another nutritious meal for breakfast.

Emerica homies

Met up with the Emerica homes while on crunch time with their last week of filming for Stay Gold.

Lizard western union

Quick drop by a Western Union so Lizard can bless one of his many baybaz.

twuan gettin crispy

Twuan gettin crispy for the 5 block

Moose setup

5 block fresno

Dickson torture

Lizard asks Dickson for a lighter in the nicest way possible, water gun to the face.

Fresno hubba

Over to the San Jose hubba for shredding and Coronas in the shade.

we love them 5 blocks

Next spot was the any size blocks you want em school.

twuan fruit cup

Twuan gettin his dose of healthy for the week with a fruit cup while he rest the foot from the last 5 block.

dickson mid flip off

DIckson mid camera flip off while Slash hucks a soccer ball towards him.

Lizard hotel torture

Long days and nights. Back to the hotel for rest and sleep. Sleep was the last thing on Lizards mind. Why sleep when you can torture?

let me in fool

lizard sleep

Lizard takes a breather. Next stop signing FTC.


  1. damn lizards a best, wish i was there

  2. Nothing but Passion.

    Matt Robinson
  3. in one of the last pictures yooh can see lizards satanic carving on his chest hell geah lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "this is elizabeth at the front desk....would you like to suck some dick? WE LOVE YOU BURNETT!!!"


  6. those hubbas look like a lot of fun.
    and that deathwish grips fresh, both the logo and the spelt out one.

  7. gotta cop dat Deathwish grip

  8. lizard painted one toe green tht guy has passion