July 28, 2010 | 18 comment(s)

Sucka free living in SF.

Twuan starbucks doughnuts

Even without Drew on the trip, we still end up at Starbucks every morning. Best coffee in the world i guess. Twuan enjoys one of their many treats, mini birthday cake doughnut.

Twuan Furby thomas kings of comedy

Furby, Twuan, and Thomas kicken it in the back watchin All Star Comedy Jam dvd. Shits funny go watch it.

Lizard with some new guns

The water guns began to bore Lizard so he re-upped on some new ones at Walgreens.

Jim greco insoles

Hammers all day some times requires gettin gel soles later, Jim grabs the finest Doctor Scholls he can find.

Lizard new gun

LIzards new level of torture

.Water not slides

On the way to FTC, Dickson knows of some hidden concrete water slides.

Lost his marbles

Think this guy lost his marbles or just super creepy guy who looks for 5 year olds milk money in the sand. Good luck man.

Slash make a twist

Slash "make it a twist" for the road to FTC.

Outside FTC

Outside FTC in SF

Og player Nicholds

Tripple O.G. player Nichols and EE catch up out front.

FTC kids for days

Kids for days.

FTC Door man

Beverly was on door duty. She aint lettin no suckas into this event.

Inside FTC

Inside FTC.

BIrdseye of inside FTC

lizard ftc 1

JIm enjoying some pizza

Greco gettin down on some tasty SF slices of pizza during the signing.

Greco t

EE signing FTC

Your boy Jamie

You cant stop in SF without running into the legendary black Sam Kinison, Jamie Hustle was in full effect.

lizard slash dickson ftc

Lizard, Slash, and thomas steady blessing the crowd with free stuff.

New Deathwish flags out now

Greco hooks a kid up with one of our new Deathwish flags out now!!

twuan ftc

bless bless ftc board

lil kid board

Nick ftc

The homie Noah Peacock stopped by for some free goods.

Kids from russia

Beagle and kinfolk.

Shmitty from Thrasher

Shmitty from Thrasher stops by.

Story time

Story time with Nichols.


Furby out front with kids FTC

Greco and Noah launch ramp

Noah and Greco hook up the launch ramp with some new stickers.


Running shit over at FTC, Ando hooks up a impromptu BBQ out front for the hungry crowd and riders.

Puppy on close watch

B Fox and his dog Beverly cooking for the crew.

kids bbq

twuan bbq

Twuan all the fixings

Moose hotdogs ftc

Moose mm hot dogs

EE fans out front

Dog had extra set of balls in the front

Shred out front ftc till cops

Lizard borrows a board from some kid and starts shredding the launch ramp right in the middle of the street.

lizard streets ftc

Thanks to everyone that rolled through to the FTC signing.

Lizard new tourture device

Long days and nights come to an end with Lizards new torture device. Next stop Sacto.


  1. yes im the first to comment cant wait to see my favorite pros, thanks Deathwish for doing this tour.

  2. Guys, will you ever stop bein the shit? I dont think so. Skatin's not a sport, hobby, or fad. Its an institution. Keep up the good work guys, GET BUCK!

  3. lizards the shit!!! wish you deathwish guys come to costa rica a lot of teams has been here

    ├▒ana ├▒aca
  4. Yeah Lizard and his guns :)
    Deathwish 4 live

  5. Come to NYYY
    and be sure to be at Zumiez 100K illl be there hahaha

  6. Shake Junt 4 life!! Slash and Lizard have similar sunglasses taste and i hope Jim Greco did a big ass nollie backside flip off the launch ramp!!

    Mucho Passion
  7. Is Twuan like always eating? Almost every picture I see of him he has food, its funny. Hahahahaha omgggg slashhhhhh


  9. Is lizard going to the oc maloof money cup or is he staying on tour with you guys?

  10. those concrete slides are in san jose

  11. that aint no sf shit

  12. Dude come to Charlotte, North Carolina, LIZARDS THE SHIT!!!!!

  13. Hit up Black Sheep Skateshop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  14. Jim greco is very a lot hungry

    john Sunner
  15. That TRIFE coozie is hella ill

    Shitter McGee
  16. the best crew!!!!!!DEATHWISH 4 life!

  17. lizard was on my homie marcus board and that was me with the black/yellow think board PH all stars nigga

  18. i was there i gave lizard a home made wooden fingerboard i wish they make him a signature from my graphic all and all deathwish was so sick deathwish fo life!!!!!!!!!!