July 29, 2010 | 26 comment(s)


Wake up in Dixon to earlyer morning curb dancing.

Wake up in Dixon to early morning curb dancing.

curb play

Curb play.

slash curb play

Slash and ee curb play

ee bone less

Dixon smoke shop

Twuans Shop

Lizards new buddy

Lizards new finger puppet buddy who helps out with torture. "no no no"

SAacto school

Legendary Sacto spots.

Moose quick 50

Moose warms up with a quick 50

thomas front board

Thomas front board

Ditch spots

Then over to a industrial area.

Burnett got them angles

Burnett got them angles.

this spot

crew table

greco board slide

Greco mash through board slide.

cop lady

Then this lady showed up to ruin the fun but not before Jon Dickson puts down a hammer in the back. Cop let us go after running id's.

Beagle mustache

Beagles new magnum look.

Lizard new face tat

Lizard new face tat!

Lizard toys

Stopped by a walmart for Lizard to get some things. New razor, Ipod, stuffed doll, and a couple more much needed items.

quick hack in the lot

Quick hack in the parking lot.

Furby soccer star

Furby kills it at soccer. Duhh

Later night hammers

Late night hammers then call it a night

Lizard and lil buddy

Lizard lil buddy helps him smoke a cig and clean his beak at the same time.


  1. that isn't seriously a real tattoo is it?

  2. ay i was just wondering if u guys would sponser me?

    pat schaefer
  3. please tell me that face tat isnt real...
    were those new graphics i saw on slash's and ellington's boards?

  4. wut? Dixon wearing nike sb's??

    Sick tour guys, keep it rollin

  5. looks like tooo much tight

  6. What a horrible face I seeing new graphics on Slash's, Greco's, and Ellington's boards?

  7. im really hoping lizards tat is fake

    please let it be fake
  8. thanks for puttin on that demo at groundzero. and greco is the shit for hooking me up with the hoodie. keep the passion in the air shit ima do it for sacto. much love to deathwish ill be seeing you guys soon. believe that

    Anthony Cain
  9. you are idiot that tattoo is not real for REAL

  10. im diggin lizards finger puppet and stuffed doll. PASSION.

    mr passion
  11. Baker for life! Shit looks like so much fun!

    Chill Phill
  12. That deathwish hat Thomas is wearing, me want!!! And I wanna se more of deathwish in sweden.... !!!

    deathwish hat
  13. Good Shit DEATHWISH , I Wanna Be On The Team To Join The Family , Show My Potential i Go The DEATHWISH Hea In Me , Leme Show You what's It About , [IMG][/IMG]

    Cuan Grant
  14. Im diggin Slash's Nashville shirt at the curb sesh(my hometown) you dudes should come check it sometime, and swing by folded skateshop for the hookup.


  15. In correction...Nashville is my Hometown, not the curb spot...hahaha

  16. that better not be a real tattoo

  17. i hope thts just sharpie and not a real tattoo

  18. antwuan should wear his new dixon colorways. check out all the new supra colorways at

  19. dixon!? wearing nikes in the 6th photo??

  20. idc if the lizard king's face tattoo is fake or not hes still a beast

  21. idk what clips better jon dickson chilln in the van or dickson smokin a doob in the back of pigfords car on the last day of school in 1976 HAA

    junt truth!!!
  22. man you guys kill it!

  23. yo that face betta be its a horrible tatt but he does kill it....

  24. man fuk that tat iz horrible satin please let it be fake

  25. dirkadirrrrdirrrrr you fools are stupid, that face tat is fuckin illmatic nig nog!

  26. whats with lizard like stamping his face....,. man that gut is sick