September 13, 2010 | 44 comment(s)

Freeform Has A Deathwish

Freeform skate shop has a Deathwish 1

The homies over at Freeform with that new new collab Deathwish board out now!!

Freeform skate shop has a Deathwish 2

Freeform Has A Deathwish wall.

Freeform skate shop has a Deathwish 3

We got everyone that rolled through the warehouse to sign the board, so be on the look out for it next time you at Freeform in Lincoln Nebraska.

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  1. Kind of a bummer to see such a dope company full of core skaters supporting a mall shop like freeform in this way when theres a skate shop in the same city (Precision Skateboards) thats been holding down the scene for over 2 decades longer. pretty disappointing.

  2. precision supports BMX'ers freeform is way more chill and and matt it tight as fuck

  3. Yo, don't be hating on freeform, they try and get people out there skating, while taking a firm grasp on the skateboarding scene from the start. Now, precision is a good shop, but when walking into freeform, you feel more of a connection with Nate and Matt, and what Freeform's all about. I think the new collab decks are sick as fuck, so why hate?

    Derrek Ashmore
  4. precision skateboards is a gay shop!!! stupid faggs

  5. im jose freeform flow rider we got those sick ass freeform has a death wish boards there sick ass fuck

  6. Yeah man! So sick that you guys show love for the shops that support you guys. Who cares if it's in a mall or on the corner of a busy street. They're a core shop helping hold down the Lincoln scene and they deserve props. Thanks for showing love Baker Boys!

  7. Erik maybe this is Erik Ellington himself, you're tight as fuck.. Deathwish, Shake Junt and everyone at Bakerboys you guys are the shit!!!! I have a DEATHWISH

  8. whhat the fuck does well/? mean but i want in on all this real shit..i dont like the confused hayyturds i belieeve in the movent..fully fledged.
    write me back tell me whats good lately..
    mucch appreciation really real talk
    connbon jaymes


  10. precision dont support deathwish for shit!

  11. Matt, Nate and the rest of the crew actually care about all the skaters that come in to the shop. I feel at home everytime I walk into their shop, those dudes work so fucking hard to help keep skating alive in the community, for instance; they themselves are helping, and encouraging other skaters to help with the construction of a skatepark inside the mall. Matt, Nate and the rest of the Freeform crew, those guys are my homies, and they deserve this.

  12. looks like erik got ya pinned boi...fuck bmx'ers for sure DEATHWISH FA LIFE SON!!!!

  13. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  14. freeform is the best shop ever i go there all the time fuck u tyler freeform is the chillest shop an has the chillest people there an theres always fresh shakejunt an baker an deathwish shit there

  15. you guys no what fucks up! we hold it down and support skateboarding to the fullest!

  16. First of all. Precision claims to be "holding down the scene" but can't grow up enough to know that Freeform and Precision share the same love. Providing lincoln and surrounding areas with product. PERIOD.

  17. Whats a disappointment is Precision has continued to bash Freeform for a while and people are starting to take notice that Precision is full of Elitists scrubs, like some high school clique. Point being....Precision hasn't persued Deathwish etc. to give fresh as fuck product to their customers. Freeform goes out and locals can support their local skateshop and deathwish by grabbing a sick deck.

  18. Oh, by the way, that's ELLINGTON holding a freeform deck. Stay unknown Precision. STAY UNKNOWN. Maybe that deck signed by Rodney Mullen in 1982 will bring in some customers. lol.
    Freeform is the real deal.

  19. A mall shop? You're complaining that another skateshop has a sick location? So, you can support your local skateshop...but.. not if it's in the mall? lol. Precision fanboys, stop posing like you rep this sport. Times change and it's business. Only difference is.. one business has Ellington reppin their decks... the other one is crying on comment boards and how disappointed they are in pro skaters for supporting Freeform like their opinion matters. lol.

  20. Also, Precision wanted to be in the mall.... they are in fact in a strip mall!!!!!! Freeform is 100% skate product.
    Precision... bmx,lowrider bike parts,frisbee golf and skate gear.

    I'm gonna go ahead and say i'll give my business to Freeform. 100% skate gear and Nate and Matt don't act like their emo fags who walked in on me deboning a chicken on their moms butt cheeks.

  21. Thanks for all the love YOU guys show us and our shop, we wouldn't be here without your support. and BIG UPS to the homies at bakerboys for supporting us and representing Freeform. KEEP Hatin HATERS, your an inspiration to us.

  22. freeform is my family.. and they actually show love to all the homies in lincoln... im down with freeform.... we got a deathwish.

  23. HELL YA I go to school with 2 of the flow team riders and I totally support freeform with love and cash so precision can "hold down the scene UNKNOWN" stay hella fly freeform

  24. i was just there not to long ago and me and the owner of the shop were just talking about how baker and deathwish and shake junt were dope as fuck and how i saw them on this website not to long ago and they were realy into deathwish so good for them on there new boards i wish i had one



  26. Sheeit man. David and Allen got theyz picture on bakerboysdist. Haha tight shit man, tight shit.

    Brook Beeyyerrrrr
  27. To be honest I seriously think Lincoln is atleast top five supporters of the bakerboys. Even posers and fuckin anyone at all in Lincoln, allllll you fucking hear about PERIOD is Baker/Shake Junt/Deathwish. Haven't heard anyone talk about ANYONE else since like 5 months ago. Pretty much all FreeForm stocks. KILL YO' SELF!

    Brook Beeyyerrrrr

  29. Congrats to Freeform on the collaboration deck.

    I think it's sad to see the kids that are showing disrespect towards Precision. It's unfortunate that they don't know the history of all that Phil and Precision have done for skateboarding in Nebraska and the midwest.

  30. cedric, allen, david, joeeee! :D Yeee!

  31. Freeform is dope as fuck. Freeform will be here for ever, precisions can go suck a sweaty dick they suck ive gone there twice to get a board and theyre service sucks dick. freeform treats you like your family!

    Kristian Jordan
  32. yo freeform is the shit i will personally would buy my shit at freeform than anywhere else,but im in job corp this dec =[ matt nate wtfs up we gotta shred wen i get back to lincoln!!

    marcus boone
  33. freeform is a good shop im getting a freeform has a deathwish this friday

  34. freeform is a good shop im getting a freeform has a deathwish this friday

  35. holy beef

  36. well shit freeform has good shit idk about other shops ...sorry=/

  37. why so much beef not enough of a skate scene for that....

  38. freeform and presicion are both dope. n its not like freeform is a chain. its just a skateshop in the mall fools.

  39. congrats to all the homies at freeform..beef will be beef no matter wat but hey wen it comes to skateboarding togeather warever at the bay or on the streets freeform n precision riders skate togeather...but hey big props to both shops n respect..

  40. Precision is awesome, that's all i can say.

  41. I'm a fag.

    Sean Souders
  42. Fuck freeform, your all fags. haha precision is amazing so is coke(Natesheets). whats the shit about you guys being chill? you ain't chill. one time i was skating at peter pan and matt was there, he asked me if i liked freeform and i said i like Precision better, because it is better. He called me a faggot and told me he wanted to fight. Why would a 25 year old pick a fight with a 16 year old over a skate shop? Fuck you drug addict faggots.

  43. freeform is the shit man. there shop is so fuckin tight. And matt is fucking tight as fuck.

  44. I'ma queer. Fuck Freeform (: