September 16, 2010 | 13 comment(s)

Greco Builds a Buttery Prop

Greco on a mission to recreate the same skate prop they messed around on during the Baker2g days.

Greco and Roy build 1

Step 1- Cut the pipe with whatever tools we got laying around in this case it was a grinder. Grinding the pipe away took some time.

Greco build 2

Step 2- Find the saw horse (aka butter box) and cut some sheets down for the sides. Make sure to have someone stand on it toes inches from blade works the best.

Greco 3

Step 3- Throw some 2x4 in there for a skeleton and slap everything together. Don't forget about multi tasking and handlin' biz on the phone while ya screw shit together. Time is money.

greco moose

Step 4- Shits done now thrash it!!!

Greco sw crooks long day

Greco with a long ass switch crooks after a long day of building shit.


  1. dude that shits dope az fuck u guys are some well off gz man in the street leauge terry kennedy had a REAL board wat the fucks up wit that????

  2. killer ass sw krook

  3. Those are fun, woodward had one. Wallies for days.

  4. Thats hella G u guys got some construction chops

  5. where can i see how to do a buttery prop like that one

  6. do it your self dude!!! yiah!! i like LAMF tattoo.......punk not dead!! jhony thunders still a live

  7. anyone know what heigt that thing is? also what diameter the steel pipe is :) thanks

  8. Ima build one of these after school today just because i think its sweet and i wanna shred it up.

  9. Shits Tight! Used to have one a couple years back till some unknown fucks stole it, have fun bouls keep shreddin

  10. yoo i built one of those they are illmatic dude,shake junt yuh dig!?!?


  12. ellington is wearing nikes???

  13. wassup hatters!