September 20, 2010 | 23 comment(s)

Weekend Thrashin!

Neen back tail shuv

Neen with a clean back tail shuv for warm ups. Shane and Neen lay the hammers down at the ledge spot then off to met up with Drew over at a rail.

Shane stair stare

Wow this spot. Drew and B steady on their warm up game ready to huck it.

beagle setup

Beagle on scene gettin ready in the shade time.

Burnett setup

Burnezze up in the club for this one.


Miner casually strolling by after a family birthday party around the corner, we got our longs lens man now.


Everyones set up, Drew's ready to do the damn.

angles for days

Hype center

TK fakie tail love

Shane positions the TK board towards the rail for all to pay homage, fakie tail, Well off G's Son!

Andrew Reynolds simpsons t

The most casual coming in hot switch you can have.

b stomp the yard

B enjoying a cig break shortly after stompin the yard!

team work

Time to switch up the angle. Burnett helps Miner out with a cardboard box saddle for his new fence post angle.

Miner top angle

Andrew reynolds hammers done

Mission accomplished. Next spot

Greco board setup

Greco slicing away at a new Jimbo board as Shane thinks of where to go next.

JImbo greco

Ledge spot

Roll up to this down hill ledge spot.

Shane switch nose

Shane Switch nose warm-ups.

Neen front nose

Neen front nose to end the day.


  1. tight.

  2. greco's halloween shirt is SICC!

  3. This site makes me skate so hard man these guys are just like me every day guys that made there dream's come going to do it its going down baby

  4. was this epic t shirt weekend or what

  5. Neen is always on point!

  6. SilverBack Mane!

  7. That ledge spot is down the street from my house... I can't believe I missed that...

  8. Greco's halloween shirt is very cooool^^

  9. everyone in deathwish/baker/shakejunt keep it up yall is duh shit right know and shane
    that switch nose wazzz JUICEY!!!!!!!!! UP IN THA CLUBBB

  10. fucking fresh!!!

  11. Swiatch aint nothin for the boss, casual as hell steeze

  12. yee bee ripin da boards son (Y) stoked for new vid

  13. Nice flick Neen!

    Andre Transfers
  14. That backtail shov smootz!

    Chicago Hentre
  15. dam bro lizard is fr3sh dawg that niggha should come do a demo at katy , texas fo reals

  16. wheres bigg cady?

  17. So good to see B out there killin it,big ups to the sweetzer house. Shake Junt since day 1 !!!!!!!!!!

  18. shake juntt!!!

  19. Backtail shov is the science Neen!

    Chicago Wind
  20. I like the stee on the frontnose!

    City of Wind
  21. damn beagles belt buckle is hella boss!
    shake junt 4 life!

  22. SWEET!!!!!!!!

  23. wish i was thewre beagle is sick but where is lizard