September 21, 2010 | 22 comment(s)

Lizard Dumpster Divin'

Lizard King Trash pickin

LIzard dun found a treasure in our dumpster, the new Lizard King "Legs" board.

Lizard KIng legs board

Lizard King's Legs board comes in 8.25 out now!


  1. oh shizzzle

  2. i got some erratic greenroom time at kirra today

  3. damn

  4. slutty legs in stockings is boss

  5. Shit's to hot for shredding!!!


  7. Now thats what im talkin about LIZARD DEATHWISH 4 LIFE FOOL!!!!

  8. the coke sure is gettin to ya huh buddy haha

  9. man that is fuckin tight that makes me want to pee in my pants how fuckin awsome this board is

  10. I wish I still had it in stock. Restocks!!

  11. Wwooaa that shit looks pretty badass i would get it if i had some $$$ for sure!!!!!!!!

  12. when does the furby/twuan board come out???

  13. fool, i got this board right now and im skating it.... right now. i have gotten so many complements on it and it rides like a champion,. thanks bakerboysdist. and you as well lizard for keepin it crispy

  14. Lizard and ellington always have the sickest boards

  15. yes man is fucking hot is crazy awesome this board is wow

    Samuel Leclerc
  16. its a good one nice job...

  17. This board is sick! I have it and pops so many nice ass tricks.

  18. MAKE SOME 8.5'S!

  19. Pussy 'n' Coffee

  20. lizards tight as fuck. fool was chillin in sevierville tennessee hahaha. gonna have to buy that shit too. dude is fuckin rad.

  21. Yo dat board looks fukin sick. KillYoSelf

    Death Child
  22. i want this board so bad