September 28, 2010 | 18 comment(s)

Rambo Greco Board Out Now!

Jim Greco been busy these past couple months, handling shit in the jungle. Peep the new Jimbo board out now, Chuck Norris got competition. Available in two sizes 7.75 and 8.25


  1. one of the sickest things you guys have ever done u should do more jimbo stuff cause its to fucking awesome to only do once

  2. Fn geesh guys, thats a lot to handle there

  3. That is an awesome video lol

  4. hahaha this is some southpark shit,you guys are funny as fuck.

  5. Awsome!

  6. holy crap that was amazing!

  7. prodigious indeed. i gotta alot of attention laughing in the libary. Being its midterm time people are giving me looks like "stfu im tryin to get my read on!!"

  8. greco is the shit son! this boards mine fa sho! deathwish for life.

  9. holy shit thats awsum!
    do a lizard terminator pro!

  10. sick check my beats

  11. haha that was rich son!

  12. I need to know just what Collin can do about this!?!

    insurance special events
  13. haha funny video chimmy chu, hope all is well =]

  14. calls hell home.

    Lawless Litter
  15. damn this shit iS CRAZY I CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET TODAY !!!YAY

  16. yea i agree there needs to be a lizard terminator for sure. it would only be the right thing to do

    mitchell hamilton
  17. you needs to make a charles bronson board g.

  18. new ass word