October 5, 2010 | 13 comment(s)

Thrasher Issue #364

Ellington Thrasher #364

Erik peeps the new Thrasher # 364 out now!

Thrasher #364

Time to make it a twistttttt then read the mag.

Thee Thrasher #364

Thee Thee dew what he got to dew to blast them sky high kick flips. Shout out to Burnett for the Photo.

Dustin Thrasher #364

Dustin goes for the damn.

slash # 364

Slash brings in Hurricane season.

Reynolds Thrasher #364

Respect Your Elders Son!

Baca Thrasher #364

Baca kickin it down by the canals.

Twuan Thrasher #364

First stop on the Faces of Deathwish tour was Twuan's house for money and clothing pick up. Managed to grab a quick ad while there too.

Herman Thrasher #364

Herm Dogg stuntin on dem hoes with his new Shake Junt Ad!

jamie tancowny Pro Thrasher #364

Jamie Pro fools! Congratulations pimp tight you earned it!


  1. uuuuunnhh!! that Theo's kickflip was straight buuuuuuutttery!!!

  2. Herm Is So Tight!! 2 Times If You Know Me Muhhfucka!!! Keep It Pimp Shake Junt POR VIDA!!

  3. I agree Hermans ad is about as G as it gets...Dustin's thrasher ad was sick too all you guys are killling it!!!

  4. yhea hermmmmmm

  5. damn lil fuckys pro sickkkk keep killin it to all the bakerboys homies

  6. That nigga Antwuan is a trip! Get buff and shoot some shit all day everyday!!
    Shout out to Marcus Coos!

  7. i thought hurricane season was ovah.. ha hands down dopest dope ive ever smoked right here.

  8. samy baca is best ever


  10. wow is jamie pro YES

  11. so many ads. shits crazy. hyped on it.


  13. all yall got a firm ass grip on that rope cuz yall swanginnn baaaack and fooooorth from BBD's nutsack! get your own steez!