October 13, 2010 | 24 comment(s)

New Shit out now!!!

Deathwish Crazy consumers boards

Erik in front of the new Crazy Consumers series that just came in.

Erik ellington

He inspects the goods.

Erik Ellington Thumbs up

Ellington gives the thumbs up, sell em.

Crazy consumers Deathwish

Crazy Consumers series and new orange color beanie & shades out now.

Deathwish Beanie orange

Deathwish Beanie now available in new huntin' orange.

caution shades deathwish

New orange color for shades too. Getcha all oranged out for the season.


  1. I Luh Dat Shit

  2. Sooo Sick!!!!

    Patrick Montoya
  3. Sick Ass Shitt Were cann i get my dirty hands on one of thosee

    Alexis Roldn
  4. I got Antwuan's deck from the latest series, its pretty sick! I love them all...

  5. SICK STUFF!!!

  6. shittin' hammers.

  7. Im shitin bricks.I need some more stickers.

    josiah herrera
  8. awesome!!!

  9. hammers for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

    turd plumber
  10. gettcha roll on

    Demetrius harper
  11. These boards are BEAUTIFUL!!! Deathwish is so awwwsome... they're into my favorite color too...

  12. dang bruhh.where they do that at.

    stanley williams
  13. all yall niggas are on the sack
    fuk shake junt and fuk skating
    yall can sucka dik

  14. def fuckin with this line, but dont forget twans epicly laterd is out

  15. so, the video is out in 2 weeks i heard!?

  16. make one of those boards into a 7.87 pleeeease

  17. we want dat stuffs here in the Philippines!

    Kahlil Aguinaldo
  18. fuckin deathwish own BITCHES!!!!! Lizard and slash are fucking tighter than a fat bitch in skinny jeans! ye-yeah

  19. get that while you can homies

  20. when is the faces of deathwish tour dvd comin out?!??!?!?!??!

  21. dam those boards look fuckin sick will definitely look into getting one of them gotta support deathwish

  22. dude that shit it sooo tight! damn I wish I had money just gota keep roll'n on my steezy ass lizard king board

    John Gambino
  23. hail satan

  24. 8.25 x 32.00 all of em. fo sho