October 13, 2010 | 26 comment(s)

Stay Gold Shake Junt Bearings out now!

Stay gold Shake Junt Bearings flip nasty

Flip Nasty pops the cherry on the first set of the all new Shake Junt Stay Gold Bearings out now!

Shake Junt Stay Gold Bearings


  1. Support Emerica, and andrew reynolds fuckin ILLL varial heel down that set

  2. damn thats sick imma buy some soon

  3. SHAKE JUNT!!!!!

  4. i thought there was no such thing as abec 6, only 1,3,5,7,9

  5. i already got the 7s but those are cool

  6. Abec 666

    get it on pack that bong !

    Harva tha LArva
  7. DAWG soooooooo tight FOOL !!!

  8. WTF!!!

  9. DUDE those are sick so gonna get those

  10. is there such a thing as abec 6. someone from bakerboys should respond to this

  11. hell yea son!

  12. are thay in australia yet I WONT THEM!!!

  13. The Bearings Are Tight But When Can i Get My Chicken Wax Nigga!!!!!

  14. you guys sound so fucking stupid when you talk. "YEA SON" "PACK THAT BONG" fucking losers. you just smoke weed to fit it.

  15. what store in the nyc can i get it from or can i get at zumiez in nj

  16. i just got a some and they ride so fuckin good

  17. these bearings look like walmart + target bearings painted
    emerica + shake junt

    Jessie Morales
  18. I just want to shuv my Small little penis in that Crapy ass Bearing
    at less my DICK is bigger then the whole SHAKE JUNT team and DEATHWISH and BAKER put togerther!!!!!!!!!
    my Name is Jessie Morales my # is 956-376-9618 if you want to say shit to me

  19. dawm i just got sum shake junt bearings i wonder if stay gold bearings are better ?? xD

  20. Shut The FUCK Up ASS WHIP the only thing that is staying gold is your mom pussy From me Fucking it U GAy ASS Mother FUCKING BICTH Suck on you moms TITS!!!!!!!!!!

  21. damn nikkas yal the fuckin best . thos bearings look good .

  22. SHAKE JUNT! is the best thing since any thing can be the best thing, send me some free stuff, i'm worth it,

    wierd skater winnipeg canada
  23. shake junt, baker, and deathwish on point. if u come through NC come to Leland. fo-sho!

  24. u niggas on point. come to leland sometime. fo-sho!

  25. dats a sick ass deck son! oh yea, kyl3 or wat eva yo name is, WASSUP HATER! if u dnt lik wat we say go 2 anotha site ya fuckin poser. on som real shit!

  26. fuck u dick r us u stupid hating deep throating ass bitch if u dont like them then dont comment faggot by the way they look sick as fuck but wats the best out of triple og's, og's and stay gold? i want them all in one and on my deck lmao