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Aint nothing gonna Breaka my stride in Arizona day 1

Jim greco and scotty colpaman

Scotty and Greco catching up out front on the stump ready to get movin.

Soctty greco jon dickson and neen

Enough sitting around for Greco, let's do the damn.


Sober crew and Stoners in one van, this is gonna be interesting. One last crew line up shot then we on the road.

The skateboard mag

Thanks to The Skateboard Mag for sending out the new issue just in time, kept the crew busy for a couple hours youtubein people's parts and twistings.

Greco gettin vitamined up

Greco takin' his secret hammer vitamins.

Greco sleepy time

Long roads plus the high possibility of contact highs makes the Greco sleepy.

Erik ellington and scotty

Figured we'd take the middle bench out so fools could sleep, kinda worked except for the fact the back of the van shoots you 3 feet in the air off any small bump it encounters.

Neen stretch

Neen half way point stretch it out.

Jon dickson

Shall we make it ahh twist?

Greco orange break

Greco wakes from his nap for a tangerine break.

Jon dickson

Grocery store re-up

Neen food

andrew reynolds airport swoop

4:00pm- The Boss finds out we are half way to Arizona.
4:05pm- Books first flight out
8:30pm- We manage to crash land into Arizona the same time he lands for a quick swoop from Sky Harbor Airport.

Andrew Reynolds

Stoners / Sober ratio in van now 3 to 4. Stoners still holding strong.

Erik Ellington, Andrew Reynolds, Scott Copalman

Erik, Andrew, and Scotty back on a road trip again like the good old days.

Erik Ellington nav

Erik navigates the van towards food with youtube videos.


Beagle and crew just happen to be out on a secret hammer mission themselfs. Now we got all players on scene.


Erik Jim and drew

Erik grabs some classic Arizona Mexican food Filibertos, Jim setting up a fresh shred sled for tomorrow, and Drew waiting for the homie Brandon Steed to setup up hard drives so we can peep Arizona spots for the weekend.

Az Filmer Brandon Steed

Andrew anxiously waiting to see footy.

The goat

The Goat ready to party.

Beagle brings a gift

Beagle brings in a gift for Greco.

Greco slammer

Greco's Favorite mag on the road, Slammer.

Iphone word of the day

Got this Iphone app to make me smarter hopefully, Neen happens to bless me with the same amount of weed before all us crash for the night.

deathwish van

Load up the van and head to home base Starbucks.

Greco Crispy sticker job

Greco gets the board all crispy with a new sticker job.


The first spot of the day is an abandoned resort. You can't park out front so we load up carpool style for drop offs. Just as we are about to leave, Andrew sees something.

tour van

Possibly a new tour bus?

Tour bus

Inside the tour bus is huge. Erik and Andrew is hyped already thinking of how they would alter it.

back of the bus stoner area

Back of the bus easily convertible into a stoner area.

There she is

Roll to abandoned hotel paradise.

EE eyes set

Erik eyeing the set.

Its slippery

Slippery when wet.

jon dickson front board

Dickson Front board.

Andrew reynolds

Andrew Board slider

Dickson balancing act

Dickson starting his line off with a lil balancing trick.

Erik flilmer

Erik brushes up on his filming skills.

andrew reynolds

Got word from Hammeke who was out front that cops was on their way. Drew brushes off the path with a palm tree for a quick stomp.

Andrew reynolds


Just as we think we're in the clear we hear the whoop whoop from the hater as we turn the corner. $670 and 1 hour in the van sweating it out and we're gone.


Neen ices his leg after a nasty fall. Heal fast player.

Greco banana

Greco placed one of his banana peels on the back tow hook, it lasted 2 days on the freeways of AZ.


Roll up north to some huge blocks that you had to hit side ways, Neen steady working on his beer belly while the leg heals.

The bosses eye it up

Drew hucks it Shout outs to guest photographer Neen Williams

Drew hucks a line first try that ya'll just have to wait to see to believe. Tour Video coming soon plug!

Wow that shit was nuts

"Wow that shit was ridiculous!"

JIm greco ollie

Commissioner hucks it for the hell of it.

Happy comisoner


Where's Figgy at for this one?

new spot

Next spot we met the nicest lady ever that tells us yes we can skate just be safe and clean up.

Erik sore foot

Erik sore foot look.

closed gate

This spot was gonna take some work.

Mule and greco

Erik and Greco devise a plan as they look for blunt objects to rip this fence apart.

One pin out

One pin out 6 more to go.

Erik ellington


Flat ground sesh

Flat ground warm ups

flat ground

Matt Price

Big shout out to the the good homie Matt Price, kills it shootin' photos and got spots for days!

Night sesh

Dramatic lighting but with only two working lights we gonna have to roll back tomorrow.

crew slightly fired

Matt took us to over 6 spots in one day, with hammers going down left and right at each spot, the crew is slightly fried at this point.

Fryied turkey

Had to get totally fried for dinner and hit another Arizona classic Cheba Hut. The employees are completely fried in there.

Hotel run

Ahhh hotels and showers then Tempe biscuits here we come.


Over to Scotty and Meg's for some drinks.

Shake Junt Dinorur

Shake Junt Dinosaur.

Flip nasty

Flip Nasty in this bitch! This fool always on the grind thinking of new ideas.

Beagle and meg

Beagle and Meg chillin out front on the patio. Meg shows the guys her ice pack face mask to help with those long days in the sun.

Beagle feeling it

Beagle feeling it.

Scotty craze eyes

Flip Nasty and Scotty

Josh and Flip

Josh and Flip

Flips feet dream of skating

Flip's shoes dreaming of takin a cruze.

Back to hotel

Back to the hotel for shotguns and twistings.

Flip nasty cant sleep

Flip Nasty can't sleep.

Hit the HD button on bottom right fool for better quality-----^

flip nasty

Couple of front flips and back flips off the roof and now its time for bed.


Night cap.


  1. Baker/Deathwish crew always drops hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's whats up.

    Matt Robinson
  3. que PIOLA, por favor ARGENTINAAA.

  4. keepin' it code.


  6. Very Very G cant wait to see the tour video!!

  7. Neen stays on point!

  8. Chi-Town to Arizona!

  9. Funny Character Shots!

  10. We need more Neen artwork asap!

  11. I didn't see any pics of DJ on that trip,did he go? that fools the shit!
    BR for Life!

  12. ei dudees im from mexico and follow da deathwish for heree.!
    you are the beeest homieees.!
    peace and skateeee.!

  13. BRASIL Go Go

  14. come to Sonora Mex dudes.. theres a lot of nice spots that u gonna make it shit..
    beer is chip =)

    alejandro urbalejo
  15. yeeeeeaaah, Deathwish is the shit!!

  16. god i wish i could just go where ever and always have a stack of new decks whenever like these guys. FUCK! but two that lizard has given me are tight!

  17. Beags in the ice pack face mask!!!! too funny!


  19. bro, we are a small company from argentina, trying to live our dream as you guys are doing
    This is our site . We wish you the best for everything you do for skateboarding. Peace out.

    Walter Feito



    bizarred necrofago
  21. what is cut out of the picture where jim greco is in the hotel room
    something at his feet is photoshopped... maybe a dead prostitute?!?