October 21, 2010 | 23 comment(s)

aint nothing gonna Breaka my stride in Arizona day 2

dickson and flip nasty

Flip finds the burrito he lost last night for breakfast while Dickson masters the balancing act thinking of twists.


Roll over to Industrial yard sale in Tempe.

jon Dickson

The shop was selling these strange no push sticks, guess if you're too ashamed of pushing mongo this is the alternative.

Shane hely and neen williams

Shane and Neen holdin' it down.


Andrew was fast to help clear the way and set up ramps in the dusty loading dock.

Lets do this

Impromptu demo, let's do this.

Andrew demo

Jon dickson

Jon dickson

Jim Greco

Shane heyl

Shane parking lot pimpin.

Scotty colpaman


Erik ellington



Jim greco

Product toss time.

erik ellington

Jon DIckson

Dickson been shredding for hours, time for a lil face mask cool down for this next game of skate.

Mike Pringle and jon dickson

Pringle can't seem to take Dickson seriously while they play games of skate.

Shake junt

Neen jumps back as guest photographer.

shane heyl

Fence gap

Round 2 for hammers.

neen williams

Neen gettin them angles.

Manny spot

Roll to something relaxing, manny pads.

Jim greco


Jon dickson

Dickson sets up a crispy.

Nellos pizza

While out of town ya gotta take advantage of all the local food spots. Next on the list one of the best pizza spots in Arizona.


This better be good Doug!

Stomp the yard

Stomped tha yard on this one with mad pizzas. Someone told them it was Drew's birthday and got blessed with a giant pazooki.

Neen and andrew pumping iron

Had to cruze over to good old Home Desperate for some wood for next spot.

andrew reynolds

Drew gets bored and starts doing exercise on the shopping cart wrangler.


Neen trys it for a stretch of the injured leg.

Limbo andrew reynolds

Andrew Limbos

Scotty and andrew

Limbo ninja kick combo while we wait for Erik and Jim, where are these fools.

Hubba wood

Wood for the hubba finally.


Jam the wood in the corner of the van and let's do the damn.

The wedge

The wedge flat ground warm ups. Scotty learns the nose manny look back.

FLip nasty

The famous Wedge hubba.

Crew deep

Crew deep on the sidelines.

Lil chunky

Lil chunky in some spots, nothing a lil "Chicken Wax" cant fix.

Blue light streakers

Blue light hippy biker streakers.

Alex deathwish filmer

Alex new Deathwish filmer.

Flip nasty nose slide fakie

A slightly milky Flip Nasty blasts a quick nose slide fakie for theatrics.

No splash

"Noooooo!!!!!" Splash. one of beagles lights took a swim in the pool.

it will dry

It will dry soon enough.

WOwo huck it

Wow! Thats a huck your life fosho. Shout out to the only person we know thats ollied it back in the day, Arkansas Roger.

Clear your nose

Room came complete with anti drunk snoring devices.

Night cap

Flip night caps it.


  1. Dope stuff. All the food in these made me hungry haha.

    Drake Elliott
  2. neen is the shit so is everybody in deathwish.

    joshua mejia
  3. Demo Dave ollied it too. Maybe like '96?

  4. Sick and all, but you gotta do a secret roll through Texas. LUH DAT SHIT!

  5. is neen on baker?

  6. pretty g

  7. well? well have you seen reynolds part in Stay Gold??? if not better ask somebody!!!!

  8. Who's Scotty? He looks like Greco's little bro.

  9. bomb pics, bomb skating, bomb spots, wheres that many spot?

  10. Damn! shit! i need to get on one of those trips. BR dropping hammers sonnnn


  12. its in snottsdale at the park behind the courthouse watchout for the po po they come down hard on ya

  13. ali's was half the size is that a tribute or are you bitting his SHIT!!!!!!

    lizard and ali
  14. Chicago to LongBeach!

    Chicago Hentre
  15. Pilsen represents!

    Chicago Hentre
  16. Thats a crazy tat Neen!

  17. Get well soon Hentre!

  18. I finally got front shoves kinda good.

    Windy City Myth
  19. Dude thats so sick that theres a new filmer.thats tight cause ive always wanted to do that . like film for the crew,thatd be SO DOPE!
    it gives me hope, see ya soon bakerboys.

  20. Ohh u 2??! Jk! Hahaha...;P deathwish and shake junt 'effin rule!!!

  21. Ohh u 2??! Jk! Hahaha...;P deathwish and shake junt 'effin rule!!!

  22. Aint nothing gonna breaka my stride in arizona day 2.. Reposted it :)
  23. What shoes are Neen wearing?