October 27, 2010 | 18 comment(s)

Smoke Somethin' & Fiesta boards out now!

Furby deathwish

furby smoke somethin'

Furby fiesta board



  2. Those graphics are awesome, both of those guys kill it.

  3. furbbz is my fav skater of all time no homo hes so beast i just got a furby lucha libre board ina couple hours ago

    nathan ginnis
  4. crispy steez.

  5. i got the cheech and chong one to put up on the wall. that graphic is heavy shit

  6. dude that twuan and furby deck is so sick im gettin that forsure send it to the loose nut skate shop in G.P Oregon!!!!!

  7. hey doughnut let me have a board and i'll pick it up at headquarters BBD

  8. DAMN SON graphics are unique. furby keeps killin it!

    sammy arevalo
  9. SICK...

  10. DAMN!!! in a J and a bottle. Looks Like Some Big Ron Shit. Furbz has a dope car Aliens style. Furby and BR for life.

  11. good shit homies....proud to support such a ground up operation. anyone who disagrees line forms to the right homies...step aside

  12. they are hella crispy

  13. Boards are sick I just picked both of these up plus the Freddy deck yesterday And I'm with the Sleazy E on this one deathwish FO LIFE.

  14. furby is boss.

  15. man that is one of the best boards that furby will make so go furby kick some ass

  16. i luh dat shit!

  17. pop dat smoke & chill dat bottle.....

  18. I like these decks...