November 11, 2010 | 10 comment(s)

New Catalog out now!

Deathwish catalog 2010

Click the picture for juicy version then drag to your desktop to fan out!

Peep game on all the new shit!! Full product shots like usual coming soon!


  1. 2 furby's,no antwuan?

  2. Yeah what happened to antwuans actually had two boards one time I think

  3. wtf is antwuan off the team or some shit because he has no fuckin board

  4. twuan is sick! but he should skate a little more.. haven't seen a shot of him skating for a damn long time...
    why make boards of a dude, who doesn't even skate anymore?

  5. quiet riot board is amazing

  6. does somebody know what's the sountrack of the last weekend warriors viedeo?...I want to find it!

  7. Quiet Riot board is fucking genius. Digging the new shit.

    Gregory R. Dickson
  8. i love everthing about this company the style the boards the skaters i gotta death wish tattoo on my 4 head chest and leg soon too have more im death wish for life bro everything about this company i enjoy to the fullest

  9. which board is quiet riot?

  10. ima be up there too,im shake junt baker biradga anything they come out wit im about that im buying all the black friday boards shout the baker team special shout to antwuan & double E they my muthafuhkin niggaz shake junt!!!!!!!!!!