November 12, 2010 | 15 comment(s)

Furby Machete & Graff boards out now!

Furby Machete & Graff board deathwish

Machete furby

Machete 8.25

Graff furby

Graff 7.875


  1. I like the last one...

  2. the last one is fuckin sick! i want that!!

  3. the graf board is the fcking best!!!deatwish boards go excellent!!

  4. does furby have no other shirt???

  5. Machete Board rules!!!! You mess with the wrong Mexican!!!!

  6. where do I get that shirt man? thats prob the most badass shirt I've ever seen.

  7. damn good

  8. lovin' furby with his tite-ass rolla shit. don't be hatin on da damnass shirt, i be wanting to get hooked up along with the other shakejunt shit he be reppin'. chickenbone nowison!

  9. Shit is nice..

  10. furby is the shit!!!

  11. furbys straight boss el respeto!

  12. i want both of them they are sick man

  13. i like the first one the best

  14. Almost a year later and the boards still go hard as fuck!!

  15. Hell Yea i just got my FRESH CRISPY-Ass Furby Graff deck. all i need now is some weed and my deathwish t shirt and ill be ready to skate!!!