November 17, 2010 | 13 comment(s)

Herm Dogg's Pharmacy Hollywood Signing/Demo

Erik ellington

Erik still trying to flip me off with his custom Shakejunt bandage. Almost there man, just a couple more weeks.


Meet and greet with the boss

The Boss greets everyone to Hollywood high.

Outside the yard

Outside madness shot. Tons of kids was already at the school, but thanks to cell phones all the lil homies called up their friends and the demo started a lil early this time. Erik bout to stomp the damn yard son!

Pharmacy killed it

After the sesh we rolled down the street to Herm Dogg's Hollywood Pharmacy

Killin it

Pharmacy killin' the game with their yard sale! That weekend every kid in the Hollywood area was skating a new Deathwish board! Basically if ya ain't riding crispy right now ya missed out on a hell of a sale till next year son!

Time to sign

Time to sign all that crispy gear ya just got.

nuge moose thomas

Nuge, Moose, and Thomas.


Slashing away some signatures.

Greco bless a t


ERik ellington and dustin dollin

Erik & Dustin


Dirty showed up in his summer gear in the winter. Gyeah fried turkey i love it!


BeagleONEism taking a break from his weekend grind of filming like a beast for some signatures.

Goat mouf

Goat Mouf in this bitch!


"Damn this sale is the shit!"

Deathwish for life

Deathwish 4 Life!


lancy and nate mate

The Ozzie mates Nate and Andrew aka: Lancey pants kickin' it hard.

shane make it rain

Shane makin' it rain


Video coming soon fool! YA best be ready!

Yes sir

Group photo op.

Healthy guy

Healthy guy.

Road soadas

New fo real Road sodas.


The beast behind it all, Big Herm Dogg supplying all the players with coldies.


The official signing's over. Head out back for J-Roy serving up some tasty treats and more mingling with the homies.

Neen williams

Neen williams approved.

Thats art

Tancowny and I making art out back. I'm only asking 3 g's for this photo hit me up it's a classic.


Milky purps

Milky Purps cuz!

Lizard king


Neen williams

Neen finds the hidden beers while he enjoys his dinner held high in the other hand.

Jeremy pharmacy

Jeremy been killing it these last few days with mad traffic in the shop. Time for a shot gun break and now, everything back to normal. Let's go sell some more boards!

Figgy and thomas

Figgy and Thomas with that one of a kind Shakejunt/ Mouse/ some other grip found around the house all slapped on one board.

neen and the imfamoue

Neen on that secret drinking method with the infamous Long Beach player Boosh.

Jamie tancomny

Lil' fuckie on the road to recovery. You be back killing them streets in no time mane!

Lizard dickson figgy

Figgy, Dickson, and Lizard talk about that new 2010 shit. Sex changes is back fool!




Quick photo break between shreddin.

No you didnt.

"No you didn't!" Watch the youtube footy to see what got that crowd so hyped.

Inside shred

Sun went down so we head inside. Lizard was still all amped up so its flat ground in the back between shot guns.

Bryan herman

Thanks to this Triple O.G. Player Herm Dogg for having us over at his new shop. If ya haven't been there yet then you're slipping! Thanks to all the employees and people that showed up to make this happen. See ya next year!


  1. fuck yeaahh hermmmm!good job son PLEASE keep the shit goin!

  2. That day was fucking sick! met all you fools at H wood high.Neen and shane are cool ass fuck man!the whole baker/deathwish/shake junt crew is tight!thanks for being cool guys. If anyone here is intrested check out my blog for some other photos of went down this day

  3. Dustin dollin looks like hes about to go fuckin dancing at a dayum ball...hes the shit though..

  4. Dustin dollin looks like hes about to go fuckin dancing at a dayum ball...hes the shit though..

  5. Andrew!why are you stealin our dude!

  6. where the hell is furbzz

  7. the whooooole SHAKE JUNT crew stomps the muthafuckin yard all daaay

  8. aha im in a pic with lizard.. DEATHWISH FOR LIFE!!!! $

  9. lizard king is the shiTTttt. deathwish or kill yourselfFFFFFFF 666

  10. fuck that fat ass fernado get his shit signed by beagle

  11. hermdog, thank you for reppin that Packers tee homie. too cool. WISCO BIOTCHHHHH!!!!!

  12. So mad... I couldnt get a ride out there. Ended up having a really sick session anyways but I coulda come up on some cheap deckks!

  13. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!