November 18, 2010 | 15 comment(s)

New shit just in!

Jim Greco

Jim new Bad trip board out now.

Bad trip Deathwish

Available in 8 inch.

JIm greco wheels

Deathwish wheels

Multi color wheels come 5 to a pack, so buy 4 sets get one free fool!


  1. Can i get some of the Death Wish products, so i can promote them here in England.

    Keep up the good work BakerBoys Distribution!


  3. The artwork on that board is beautiful...

  4. I will be getting that deck, and like all my Deathwish Decks I will contemplate for around 30 minutes whether or not I ever wanna do another boardslide in fear of destroying what I woul call an incredibly awesome and genious work of art. But in the end I will skate the fuck out of it, beCause the only thing better than a Deathwish deck (besides a baker) are the fckin hammers that come with it, Booyaka!

    toothpaste or razor blades
  5. DEATHWISH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! DO OR DIE HOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. All the new graphics are super tight, but there are no new 7.63's, and that's all I ever skate. I'm running out of options guys! Help me out. Even just a team model with a 7.63 option would save my life.

  7. i think its funny how he uses baggy pants now

  8. srsly. that graphic should be a velvet poster !!!

  9. Deathwish do a demo at Red Alert skateshop in NH.

  10. Gotta get this deck its fucking tight

  11. i want some tri-diy one wish you had some.
    go bakerboys dist.

  12. Greco changing styles again? is he gonna be the crew cut greco again, or the 80s hairband greco? or maybe punk rock greco from the Misled Youth days.

  13. who rides 7.63? Smallest i would ever go is 7.75 but 8's are great

  14. 5 pack wheels, ahha dope. The back wheel under the toes of my back foot always gets shaved down faster than the rest from powerslides and crap. That graphics dope

  15. R.I.P THe Ramones