November 20, 2010 | 19 comment(s)

Greco and Andrew Audio Store Hijinx

Andrew Reynolds and Jim Greco

Andrew took his van into the car audio shop for some tweaks. Greco and Drew find shit to skate while they wait the 30 min install.


  1. wtf happend to the videoo0!!

  2. Hell yeah!

  3. dude thats dope fo sho!!!!!! ayo wenya guys gona do another MERRY DEATHWISH mane!!!!!?????

  4. funny as people grow up. Their has style changed a lot through the years


  6. that was hella dope

  7. SWITCH CROOKS to good greco to good

  8. ramones rocks !!!!
    skate 4 ever guys

  9. that switch crooks was ill

  10. This is really cool to watch cause it's exactly how me and Willy Skate when we go out onto the LA/Hollywood Streets, raw simple fun gnar. But this footy doesn't necessarily get me hyphy to get some Slammage, but it's koo, I love what you guys are doing, and love supporting you guys to the max, one love! see ya'll round LA, keep in touch! you got my email. Peace!

    Hey WHat are you doing!?
  11. BS 360 Greco's it's verry nice

  12. hell yea kickflip thats fukin badass

  13. hey andrew if u ever need some tint on your wips hit me up...

    king of tinters
  14. Holy shit is Andrew bald...
    No disrespect on the guy, but after an entire week of playing old Tony Hawk games, it's almost weird to see him bald.

  15. this is whats good. just a real triple OG skate session, on some crusty sidewalk

  16. Nice..

  17. greco looks weird with short hair

  18. watched it it is sick

  19. can i blow you your cocks!