November 22, 2010 | 17 comment(s)

New Lizard King Zippered Board Out Now!

Lizard Zippered board

Lizard with that new new Zippered board out now!

Zippered board

Available in two sizes 8'' and 8.3875''


  1. thats dope as fuuhhh how do you order this?

  2. mucho sick. keep that passion rollin!

  3. all i can say is luh dat shit!! son

  4. damm thats a dope ass deck im gunna buy that shit thats forsure!!

  5. Gotta get my hands on one.
    Sick graphics for this catalog, Awesome job.

    Matt Robinson
  6. keepin it classy!!!!!!!!! MUCHO PASSION!!!!!!!!!

  7. fosho...sickwidittttt!

  8. put some passion in hte air , let loose

  9. where the hell are they selling it i cant find it anywhere


  11. thas wassup fooo

  12. Tight SHIT !!! i need one of those !!

  13. FUCK YEAH! 8.38!

  14. Where can u get that shit

  15. thats soooo dope that graphic is sooo nice too thats a fuckin must have deck that size is ridiculous too its like size made in heaven or hell or werever satans chilling

  16. dam son this is the shit

  17. Keep your eye ball in its sockets fool. Deathwish for life! Lizard is th fuckin shit!