November 23, 2010 | 14 comment(s)

Ase Has a Deathwish!

Deathwish players

Early swoop pattern to pick up all the homies. Long day ahead of us with rain cloud dodging and a signing out in Laguna beach at 5pm let's be out this.


Beagle ready for the day. "Want to make it a twwwisssst?"


"Damn, We out of papers Beagle!" Beagle just received some horrible news.

First spot of the day

Shred the first spot for awhile but then we get the boot.

Jim greco

Jim Greco and these guys don't really get along.

Og downtown

O.G. downtown spots.

Drew hucks it

Jim greco

JIm greco and andrew reynolds doubles.

Greco and Reynolds doubles.

JIm greco and andrew reynolds

walk away

we get the boot again

Got to barge the spot for a good 10 15 mins before we got the boot. Greco tries to persuade the rent a cops for 1 more try from The Boss.

Mike burnette

Burneezie don't like being kicked out during hammer time.

Shads just hyped

Shads the mellowest guy ever.

EE heel brusie

Erik gets put down for the day with a nasty heel bruise!

group leaving

Gyeah we out this bitch

Gyeahhh we out this bitch and on to the next spot.

Lenoce not feeling it

Lenoce bummed cuz he got robbed for his hammer.

roll out

Shred through downtown to find the vans.


Drew and the rest of the sobers are still out skating. Leave a note to catch us there on the van.

Ase skateshop

Crash land at ASE Skateshop in Laguna beach.

Got them customs decks

Kids was thrashing the hell out the parking lot as we rolled up.

Wait for the rest the crew

The other crew was about 30 mins away. Flip picks up some road sodas so we headed back to our van to crush while we wait.



beast mode

Beast Mode!!!

lil homie

neen erik ellington

Neen and Erik recharge over at the bucks.

lil homie

Lil homie ollied off the trailer first try!

hook that playter

First try gets you blessed with a crispy new Baker and Junt grip.

Lets get this signing going

Inside madness.


SHop day

Shop T

moose 360

Moose maxxed out on ice-cream on a cold ass day.


round table


new deathwish filmer

Alex with a K looking for a high life.


Figgy found them High Lifes.

The homie

The homie that was blessing the crew with all them High Lifes. Thanks player!

Laugh it up

Shit was funny!

thrashed ase shop deck

Thrashed ASE shop deck.



West doggy

West side doggy!

Sorry we was late

The flyer said 2, we said 5. We was a lil late so Greco made sure the homies knew we was sorry.

sorry we late

The sorry we were late poster.


The sorry we were late board. Collect the whole Ltd "sorry we were late" series!

ase board

boss talk

the family

The homies.

JIm Greco product toss

Greco product toss

shane heyl

Shane's sticker holder.

jim greco pizza

The shop bought like 30 pizzas for the crew! Jim dinner break.

pizza party

Pizza party fool!


Shop homie.

Nasty nate

Thanks to shop owner Nasty Nate for having us roll through his new shop. They definitely got what you need if you in the Laguna area so roll through!

The van seat

Load up the van and roll to some local spots. The van seats got all the essentials ready for the ride.

og spots

Night mission

Shane heyl

Shane charges up his glow in the dark sweater to light up the spot.

we love skateboarding

We love skateboarding!


Full moon sesh.

Blast it!

andrew reynolds

Quick board in the moonlight and that's a day. Load up the vans to see Moose across the parking lot getting a 450 dollar ticket! Let's get the fuck out of Dodge! Thanks to everyone that rolled through ASE skate shop!


  1. i wish u ghuys would come to my town

  2. Twist-venture keep'n it what it is, fun!

  3. No way, that girl with the blonde hair, purple jacket and posing with the little kid. She have me a ticket for the World Premier of Extremely Sorry while I was waiting in line. My friend bailed on me and he had the tickets so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to go in.

  4. Whens the deathwish video coming out... I dont care if its late, Its fucking deathwish! its still gonna be the Shit!

  5. were the hell has twaun been at?

  6. CHOUT!! AHHH!! this signing was so fun. that kid that ollied off the top of that semi was gnarly haha. cant wait for the next one!!!!

  7. the MISFITS!!

  8. shiit, come to vic city i got 50 bitches

    lurk fest 9000
  9. fuucckk black friday was callin my name untill sun diego kikd me out for always askin fer stickers buncha fuckers COME TO EL CAJON DEATHWISH SHAKE JUNT BAKER PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!- fady elias

  10. come to mia, ive been waiting for years miami has a deathwish,

    corbin deckwar
  11. yeah me too.i wish you guys could come to slovenia!one of my dreams come true!

    adam Å¡vejda
  12. so is neen in baker or whut???

  13. can anyone tell me neen's full name?

  14. goos skate