November 30, 2010 | 18 comment(s)

Erik's new Ride!

EE new ride

EE new truck fresh off the transport from NY!

ee new truck

Erik searched high and low to find this dream truck of his.

EE new truck

Erik next to his new love!

Sign this

Paper work time.

Extra charges

Mad extra charges.

EE new truck

And more charges.


Happy guy

The trunk

The back yard boogie area.


Swerve left... Swerve right...

Back of the bus

Back of da bus.

cold molly

Cold Molly


  1. Ha-ha! Sick whip. Is Erik wearing Nikes?

  2. sick

    zach thompson
  3. aww thats tight dawg

  4. SO FRESH¬°¬°¬°...BIG CAR TO A BIG BOY¬°¬°¬°

  5. Thats Sick EE living the Dream

  6. F*ck yeah!!

  7. haha he was wearing nikes and an enjoy beanie. that's tight.

  8. I wish I had a truck like that...

  9. Gotta be Chukka Lows Vision . Shake Junt all day (:

    Daniel Johnson
  10. got damn that is a tight ass truck

  11. take the topper off though man

  12. Those ain't nikes EE is wearing they are his supra avengers. Sick truck EE even though it is a ford I could have gave you a 3/4 ton chevy for dirt cheap bro.

  13. they are nike air forces, not like hes wearing sb's

  14. EE's fuckin wearin nike's and a enjoi beanie thats sum bullshit.

  15. yeah EE!!!!!

  16. I am pretty sure when you are the boss like EE... you can drive and wear whatever you want

  17. They lunarfly I have the same ones but green and gray super soft on the bottom great shoes

  18. ..[k EE even though it is a ford I co}.. What's wrong with Fords? Go back to shop class bro.