December 19, 2010 | 16 comment(s)

No Ho Shred

Rolled out to the North Hollywood park right down the street from the warehouse for some thrashin! Peep it!


  1. why does neen has a shakejunt board?

  2. i think its the shake junt refresh yo deck sticker

  3. first skate shot I have see from Twuan in a year!
    but I heard he is in jail now... for how long?

  4. wow, 20 seconds antwuan dixon riding his skateboard

  5. it is fool

  6. thank you so much for posting this.

  7. FUCK YES antwuan is skating, i heard the guy was in jail its fucking sick to see him in the streets

  8. so sick to see twaun skating, he is one of my fav skaters, SICK VIDEO!!!

  9. I have to agree with Ryan and Derrick, it's awesome to see Antwuan skating again.
    The whole crew is sick though! Neen is a great addition!
    Can't wait for the video to drop!

    Cleatton Sweet Wata Clyde
  10. damn that's sick twaun welcomeback

  11. whats the song title?

  12. I know you guys ( bakersboys fellas) respect and love Antwuan but I hope that the crook 180 is a just as glimpse of him coming back and going up! and not a last ditch effort at getting any kind of footage... please keep him focused and on track he's a top class skater and I would hate to see him waste the talents that we all wish we had. Cheers.

  13. deathwish crew is siick.! we all wanna see more footy of antwuan now that hes skatin again

  14. bootsy

    johnny doeshah
  15. Neen is the future.Lizard the green man.

    josiah bangs elissa steamer
  16. What is the song called?, the vid is pree sick dogs

    Micheal Roberts