December 21, 2010 | 6 comment(s)

Lenoce New Shake Junt ad & Tee!!!

jeff lenoce shake junt ad

Lenoce new Shake Junt Ad just dropped in the newest issue # 83 of The SkateBoard Mag!

jeff draw it up

Lenoce throwing the final touches on the art for his new Shake Junt Tee out now!

Wild style blue

Royal blue

Royal Blue gray

Heather Grey




  1. damn thats legit, i went to cowtown and bought a deathwish baseball tee and i got the beast mode tee, i want this one too. this is legit

  2. That grey shirt is ill. Ima cope me one of those!!!!

  3. some of tht wild,nice.

  4. mo'money

  5. SO DOPE! Lenoce is tight as hell I definitely gotta get these!

  6. tiiiiight, how can i cop those in canada? so tight shake junt might!!!!!!