December 22, 2010 | 10 comment(s)

Hollenbeck holiday Skate Jam!!!

Video recap----^^


Pouring rain in LA! Lets do a Holiday product toss at Hollenbeck park!

mad traffic

Mad homies to swoop and running late. Stupid mad traffic jams cuz California drivers dont know how to drive in the rain!

beagle drive

Beagle manages to steady lane change and jams through the bull shit.

Flip hyper

Flip Nasty all jacked up on coffee!

Beagle pumpping gas

Quick stop for gas. Better grab the rain cap.


$ 3.65? God damn shits gettin expensive! Rest the crew runs to the store for road sodas.

SMoked out

Smoked out crew back from the pouring rain.

Picked up some goods

Herm and Flip picked up some breakfast drank!

poppin bottles

Poppin bottles. No cups? Damn finish your beer Herm.

Now we got cups

Now we got cups.

add it

Mix it.

herm dogg

Breakfast drank.

Lizard swoop

Lizard, Thomas, and Oliver swoop. Time to get poppin' on bottle number two!

boom lizard

Roll to park

Before you know we at Hollenbeck park. Look up to see swarms of kids running after the van as we pull up out front.

door open

The homies is Hyped!!!

jim rounds em up

Mad kids start opening the back doors. Greco directs the kids up the hill.



The rest the crew rolls over to help get the boxes of product up the muddy hill.

slash ee

slash ee

flip helpping from the back

Flip Nasty finishing drinks and helping with boxes. Multitasking.


Dickson standing in the rain, duh.


Madness. Ellington climbs the picnic table for prime hucking product position.

ee toss

Greco post

Greco sets up shop in the middle of the park. Got this area swarming with product now!


Nasty bless some junt

Flip bless em with some Shake Junt goods!


Halverson throws out mad Spitfire wheels and Thunder Trucks for the homies!


Slash huckin boards to the kids. "Look Up Fool!" Nails one kid right in the dome piece.

greco and beagle

Beagle brings up a new box. Still mad product left son!

you want this

"You Want This?!" Greco yells

you want it

Junt grip

Custom Laker color Shake Junt grip by the homies for the homies!

beagle and jon

Beagle and Jon take charge of the picnic table with another fresh box.


30 secs later its done.

mud surfing for boards

Mud surfing more than running as kids get boards huck way out there.

slash and braydon

Slash & Braydon cant comprehend what just went down. Complete madness!



jim aint had enough

Greco heads to the trailer in the bushes for the last toss of crispy gear. Gather round fools!


Group pics

Trying to organize a photo with all the homies from East LA in the pouring rain is the shit!

photo shoot


animal chan

The Skateboard Mag Lurker Vision interview time.

its wet

animal chan

Animal chan in this bitch risking the HD Lurker Cam for some interviews.

animal chan



Slash you're up next fool.

Freeway and ee

Freeway and Ellington after a hard day's work. Twists and beers now fool!


Beagle and kinfolk

skull candy

Skull Candy gifts.

got stugg

Got there!

Stance socks

Stance Socks is the shit! Crispy socks for days!


Sinner came to skate today. He finds a local homies board and starts shreddin'.

sinner 2

Sinner blast a front side flip on a filed down, water logged board. BEAST MODE!




Neen needs some dry flat ground stat! 5 days of straight rain is torture!


The homies Terrell Robinson and Brian rolled out fosho!

east la hood folk

East LA players.

Lets get some beer

Crew dont really mind the rain anymore. They kinda gettin use to it.

Halverson herm dogg flip nasty neen williwams

Halverson, Herm Dogg, Flip Nasty, and Neen Williams ready to keep this party going. "Where's more product to throw out for homies?"

Interview time

Herm Dogg pulls a lil homie with some Shake Junt passion on his phone into the interview.

Flip nasty

Flip Nasty thinking of warm Alcoholic drinks.

braydon loves the rain

Braydon loves it.

Load up get out

Load up this bitch and lets be out.

herm dogg

Damn its wet out there!

herm lizard

its not that wet out here

Its not that wet out here.

lets do this

Later kinfolk and the skate tank is off till next year.

twist and iphones

Twists and Iphone videos for the ride to a Hollywood bar. Thanks to all the players out there in East LA keepin it real G out there!!! Yall got mucho passion and we'll see yall next year!!! Thanks to all the sponsors that helped out with mad product!!! Baker Skateboards -DlXSF- -SPITFIRE- -THUNDER- -STANCE SOCKS- -THE SKATEBOARD MAG- -SKULL CANDY-


  1. Wish I could've been there even with all that rain. Hollenbeck's the shit!

  2. to much fun! thanks to the deathwish family! see you next year rain or shine!!!!

  3. I have the same exact beanie that Erik is wearing...

  4. Damn deathwish is the shit. Get terrell Robinson on deathwish. that would be sick. Got that same greco pyramid board for christmas just sayin.

  5. my friend jason found a dog there and took it home but it died

  6. Baker/Deathwish team + all the homies are legit. Rain or shine, that's passion.

  7. i wish i was there my goal is to meet lizard and be on bakerboys

  8. This day was so sick!fighting in the rain for free product was fun! haha im the kid that slash hit with the board.Thanks again slash for hooking me up with one!Thanks again for everything Deathwish/Baker/Shakejunt!

    if anyone else is interested in looking at other photos of the event check out my blog
    Merry Deathwish!

  9. Mad. Silent night deadly night is on now. Watching it with my housemate now smoking some weed. Merry deathwish motherfuckers.

  10. death wish is the best damn ever! congratulations guys have a happy holiday

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