December 29, 2010 | 12 comment(s)

Alaska has a Deathwish!!!



the skateboard mag # 83-3

the skateboard mag # 83-4

the skateboard mag # 83-5


  1. Get there while you can!

  2. daaaang that Switch Heel the Goat did was off the chain

  3. Why is it the only time I actually leave Alaska for a month Ellington and the crew decide to stop by?
    But having said that, I can't wait to cop this mag. Sick shit.

    Matt Robinson
  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaam, Alaska all day... BR all Day

  5. get some alaska,huck yo self

  6. jeah! ak reppin all day errrrry day son! mad props to the homies for coming up, cant wait to do it again!!!

    Will @ zAKs Boardroom
  7. why u guys skating in alaska

  8. @sam Cop The Mag Fool. And Read Up!!!!!

    Braden G. Code.
  9. hell yeah deathwish for life im from fairbanks alska i couoldnt make it but the next time you guys come to alaska come to fairbanks

    nathan giinis
  10. Word to nate come to Fairbanks next time fosho!

  11. man deathwish is sick man and fucking shake junt is sick baker has a deathwish vidoe is so sick.. fuck it thug life skate life all day fuck the bullshit and the haters!!!!

    always landing bolts alb
  12. Alaska has a deathwish.. Keen :)