January 14, 2011 | 17 comment(s)

Deathwish long Sleeve out now!!!

Greco longlls 1

Greco picturing the roll away from his next Hammer.

Greco longlls 2

The back of the shirt features a giant Deathwish Gang Logo to let them fools know what time it is!

Jim greco long sleeve 3

Available in Black Sm-Xl. Get yours!!!

Jim greco long sleeve 4


  1. shits sick how much are they

  2. Get some!!!!

  3. damnnnn wheres that rail at the long sleeve look hella sick too

  4. i need to get that

  5. Speaking of that whats what a post ahead of this, you guys should be showing the core shops some mother fuckin love! Fuck that CCS shit! I know you gotta get paid, but dont fuckin forget the mother fuckers out here hustling you fucking products!

  6. wheres this rail???

  7. That's a pretty choice Deathwish cloth. Might have to get one a dem.

  8. haha fuckin beagle!

  9. were can i buy one fool

  10. where do yu get em? there soo sick

  11. doing thangs

  12. siiick! im gettin this afta i get my deathwish greco deck today!!

  13. thats the same rail koston tried to fakie tre switch front board for lakai video

  14. i want that shit!

  15. Word up it's always cool seein your new products gotta love ccs for always keepin it real with the interviews n shit they know the deal

  16. LOVE fucking gang logos..... rep yr set son! gonna be able to pull loads of thick big-tittied chicks rockin' this steeze.... they love the deathwish passion, fool!!!! and big dongs.... word.

  17. Yall make it some type if way we can order directly from here i cant never get the new Shake Junt/ Deathwish shitttt WTF!!!!