January 24, 2011 | 38 comment(s)

Pharmacy Victorville Signing!!!

beagle coco

Beagle and his young coco for breakfast. Got lots of hung over players to swoop, lets roll!

spank dog swoop

Spanky ready to do the damn!

dustin dollin early start

Dustin hasn't really slept yet so he's basically ready to go. Just needs to grab his 18 pack suitcase full of beers and a pair of shoes for skating later. Ready now!

walk the dog

Just got to walk Biggie real fast.

dustin ready to go

Come on Biggie, you going with us to Victorville.

dustin shoes ssss

the baby 000

Biggie in this bitch!

half the players 888

Shane unknowingly driving next to us on the way to swoop players at Nuge's got Beagle hyped!

these guys

These guys is fried and its only 10am!

Random doing splits

This one was doing her morning stretches on the porch.

shes done

Not for long.

road sodas vict

Dustin spots a liquor store and gets road sodas for the crew's long drive ahead.

crew deep www

Crew deep, Dustin starts with the Ipod torture!!!

beagle 333

First stop eee

First stop once we got closer into Victorville was the legendary double set. Moose and Flip Nasty gettin ready to shred.

Brothers back again

The Herman brothers ridin' in style!

store front pharmacy

Store front of Pharmacy was crackin!

rip moose

Dustin meets a homie by the name of Nine who.... Got that deathwish..... Tatted on his FACE!

board sell lksldf

The store looks packed right? Just wait till we tell em Pharmacy's selling Deathwish boards for 20 bucks and ShakeJunt tee's for 5!!

called the homies in to healp

Had to call the homies in to help the staff slang them thangs!

figgy 333

Figgy makin' it happen.

nuge slang

Nuge slangin.

5 bucks

5 Bucks! Get There!


60 boards in less than 10 mins got the crowd hyped!!!

make it rain shane

Shane gonna make it rain now!

product toss 0000

Product tossin!

got stuck in the rafters

Tees kept gettin stuck in the ceiling rafters.

shane rain 9999

nuge and slash beagle tucked away

Slash, Nuge and Beagle holding down the other end.

shane makin it rain for krew

Makin it rain KR3W!

give me that

Give me that!!! These fools was hungry for that product!!!


Come up!

Homage ya diggg 00987

Homage & Figgy taking a breather from the madness, YA DIGG!



slash answers back

Slash answers back, Ahhhhhhhhh fool!!!

furby huck it

Furby toss!

get buck

nuge hyped 99868

Nuge hucks some product to the players in the far back of the store.


J-Roy holding it down watching all 7 dogs!

hyped son

product retricevl

Time to get that product stuck in dem rafters!

ya gonn ahakdhf

Ya gonna have to try a lil' harder than that Fool!

kid goes for it

A lil more passion like this guy! Notice the last 3 frames? Straight to the floor after he tried jumping off his friends shoulders.

damn that lil homie went for it


stay gold

Stay Gold!

too easy!!!!

It ain't easy!!!

kids 978907

one more try

One more try for that last tee still stuck up there!

naild it

Nailed it!

huge ears

Furby's on that new shit with a lil' help from Dustin

Dustin new board

Ehh mate!

spanky hooked it up

Spanky hooked up the new Sin poster!

Greco comeing in hot

Greco coming in hot from the streets of LA.

beagle signing

kid with money

the crew chillin

the man that makes it all happen

The man behind it all, Donny!

pizza in the back

Pizza in the back! Gyeahhhh!

this guy had a lil to much action

This guy had a lil too much excitement for one day. Better sleep it off!

homage and beagle 8798

Homage and Beagle.

GO blend

Good blend, good blend!

Brother hoding it down

The brothers holding it down for their home town Pharmacy!

sin face tatts

Sin blessin' the kids with face tatts!

homage too

Homage blessin too.


Jon Dickson taking a nap

Freeway taking a break atop the van.


"Sign my bong pillow Bro!"

time to wake this fool uo

Time for someone to wake this fool up and we be out!

Herm doggs

Roll over to Wayne and Bryan Herman's manor for the after party!

long road home s

Long road home! Thanks to Pharmacy and all you for showing up making this one of the craziest signings we done in a min!!!


  1. hell yea thats my dollar hella sick

    chris mcleod

  3. that ma homie andrew jumpin for that shit... it was totaly worth the 1 and a half of sittin in traffic from hemet ta come see you guys again... and where the hell was lizard?

  4. fuck they just leave old decks at spots? i want one!

  5. wassup but that first guy who got the shirt down was me!!! that was like the most fun i have ever had. deathwish and shake junt are the $h!t.

  6. willy polanco said deathwish is fucking sick

  7. whats the tittle of song Dustin sings?

  8. Where the fuck is Lizard???

  9. yeah , "elias" is right , homies , where the fuck is lizard? haha G!
    but still looks sick and HERMAN CUT HIS HAIR! :(

  10. I'm seriously gonna steal that dollar Chris.

    Curtis Ohlandt
  11. Is it just me, or does Biggie look like that flying dog thing from "The NeverEnding Story"?

  12. wassup andrew

  13. nm what bout you daniel

  14. uhh dude this signing was so sickk

    Fabian Beltran
  15. thank you guys that sh1t was sic!RWD has A deathwish4life!

  16. U gys rock but it's a shame that i follow this team since 7 years and i never had the chance to meet them. . . life is fucking fucked up.

  17. Justin Roy is awesome, since Foundation days i've been the biggest fan of his kickflips. Deathwish/Baker for life.

  18. I wish Dustin Dollin would come out with an Excorcist themed (nostalgic picture) board with him holdind a board and his hair all crazy and something in the window... Make it happen Baker Make It happen...

  19. dude the pic sin blessing the kids they are both my brodiees ahahah sick ass day tho

  20. when r yaw coming to Dc or maryland.. jim greco ellington dixon lizard king all u guys .........pllllllzzzzzzzzz lolololol.......hope to here bak soon

    darrelle barnes
  21. Dustin's a BEAST

    Daniel Johnson
  22. Dustin's a BEAST

    Daniel Johnson
  23. yo you guys fuckin tight shit maynn!!!! Dustin, I'm still waitin for you to bring back the baker and deathwish crew to Thailand. Like I said man, I'll provide the weed, you provide the hammers

  24. that shit was gay as fuck! Dustin Dollin is fucking WHAAAAACK! Do you kids really think this shit's cool? These faggots only get paid for their image, on a scale of 1-10 most Baker/Deathwish pros are a 4, seriously. They're so desperate to cash in on this bullshit momentum they've got that they'll make anyone pro - Figgy? Furby? And NO real motherfuckers sport their shit, it's always suburban mallrats and emo kids.

  25. weres lizard and dixon?does anyone knows

  26. Andrew whats up fool!
    its kyle writing you from school bro!!
    daniel said whats up hatter!

  27. oh and fuck that little bitch that talks shit.

  28. Hiya big perm faggot, it seems u would rate andrew reynolds a 4 in his skating, have u even seen stay gold, because figgys part is awesome and maybe dustin doesn't skate as much as he used but hes there giving stuff back to the community signing stuff and making kids happy so FUCK YOU!! and to bakerboys keep rippin!!!

  29. You Guys Fuckin Gay!Baker Team Wack ASS FUCK!!!TOY MACHINE All The WAY!!

  30. What the first song ?

  31. it was dope that day, got a free sweater day that day!!!!

  32. Holmies, bakerboyzdist has to come back to Nz auckland.. anyway see dustin dullin on sunday for the volcom sign.. at bodney downs holmes.

  33. see that 18 pack in 30 minutes its gonna be a zero pack bitch zeeeeeeerrrrooooooooo paack!

  34. WHOLE LOTTA PASSION, i wish i was there -.- deathwish and skatejunt is tha shiiiiit

    matt botelho
  35. what the fuck is the first song

  36. does everybody knows the name of the first song that dollin is singing?

  37. i seriously need you in spain....really...

  38. what was the first song dustin was singing in the video??
    please answer.