February 16, 2011 | 15 comment(s)

Paulie Knot 28 Stacks!

JIm makes a big score downtown this morning and he does the right thing. He kicks up a piece of the loot to The Boss.


  1. 28 racks first try switch

    mitchell hamilton
  2. wtf!?

  3. lolwut

  4. lame...we in a goddamn depression!!! you crazy rollin thru LA with that kind of loot on you...muthafukkas are struggling right now...

  5. hahahaha so Rad Boss is Such a G and as for the depression... duh, if it wasnt a depression it'd be 40 large NO Doubt.

  6. where's the skating

  7. What the fuck is that shit?

  8. im witH the other down 4 life for baker nd deathwish but WHERE IS THE SKATING???

  9. grab a beer and film some skatan.

  10. giv summa dat to strickland

  11. hey jim is that a hitler haircut? are u fuckin nazi? shit if u are i will be a deathwish fan anymore.

  12. You guys need to make some Slash Lucky-Pot Trucking Pacthes for my baseball tee.

  13. Dont hide it, divide it!

  14. im comin to the warehouse and im gonna steal all the cash and come up on some crispy gear, MOTHA FUCKAS WATCH YO BACK

    sammy bizness
  15. just kidding

    sammy bizness