February 28, 2011 | 32 comment(s)

Erik all up in the New Transworld!

erik ellington

Erik got his hands on the new issue of Transworld fresh off the presses!

beagle andrew reynolds

The homies steal the mag from Erik to review in the skate tank.

beagle 2

Beagle yells to Neen. "Damn dogg, you got to peep this interview!"

andrew reynolds

Roll to the next spot and as Neens warming up, the mag gets another peek.

Drw wounders

Drew wondering what all these damn dots are? "They telling me to scan with my phone or something?"

click it

Find one of these in the mag, Scan it, let it load, and see exclusive footy from the picture you just looked at. Boom some 2011 shit!

damn thats sick

Damn that's sick!!!

erik ellington

Go out and read it!

Erik ellington transworld skateboarding

EE on the cover of Vol 29 April

how it went down

What went down the day of the cover.

ee new supra ad

Erik new Supra ad like what! Notice that Junt passion? Thats right!

Erik ellington and jim greco supra

Erik and Greco new KR3W ad.

There will be blood

Epic start to a killer interview.

One sneak peak

Can't show ya the whole interview but here's just a lil taste to tantalize ya mind! Shifty flip all up your face!

Nuge blast

Nuge with just a small heel flip. Ahhhhh Just Kiddddinnggg. Nuge blast it!!

Erik ellington new ad

New Deathwish ad. You know we be filming and stuff.

LIzard king drop in

And the issue wouldn't be complete without a Lizard King massive tail drop. Boom go buy the new issue of Transworld!!!


  1. when the hells the new vid gonna be out? is neen gonna be in that?

  2. yeahhh erick!!! baker/deathwish for life

  3. yea for real wens that comin out?

  4. hell yeah vid is out almost cant wait for that shit but antwuan not in it thats what i heard

  5. dude of course aNtWuAn is gonna be in the video. deathwish isn't the same without him and if you didnt notice thats aNtWuAn in the second to last ad.

  6. hey yalll need to tell everybody wassup with antwuan and whens he coming bakk

  7. yeah the planned release date is next october, but knowing these fools, who da fuck really knows?

  8. wat is the deal wit antwuan damn is tht homie in jail?

  9. twuans out and is gonna have footage.

  10. cant wait till i get that mag so bad

  11. im ready to peep dat shitt! ...and i think that was a heelflip,Nuge blastdd!! cuzz

  12. I can't wait for the video!!!!!!! ---//-

  13. shit dee with the fucrue on jacket bgp's

  14. i heard lizard king once killed a man for his 40oz. these nigguhs is raw!

  15. HEDUNKKKKKK IT!:D ....ahah sike erik you kill it il email you a photo of my copy when it comes in. congrats homie

    Alex Currence
  16. @ mr .brown. Hell yea homie antwuans part is going to be straight killa. cant wait to peep it

    Alex Currence
  17. mannn, pretty fuck creative! Will be a sick video!

  18. when the fuck is the video coming out and when is Antwuan getting out of jail

    john bender
  19. You mean SWITCH shifty flip all up in yo' face!

    Smacc Dat Bitch!!!
  20. hahaha my bad i guess thats Ellington in the second to last ad.

  21. i mean twuan's name is on the bottom of the "video in progress" ad with ellington i'm pretty sure he'll be in it

  22. Fuck yea, Erik! Realest interview I've read in a long time and ripping sequences/stills to compliment. Keep on killing it! The Deathwish video is going to be a nuclear bomb of stoke.

  23. hey dee

  24. congrats erik! you guys are killing it! shake junt, deathwish and baker for life! i.d.s. boardshop fools!!

    ruben nevarez
  25. Thats the best trransworld cover iever seen
    Es la mejor portada transworld que e visto.

    israel arceo
  26. who's the long hair alleyoop bs flipping kid??

  27. I was siked when I got the mag the other day, fresh stuff.

  28. yeeeee cant wait or da new mag EE interview gonna be rawww

  29. Dude, I heard the Deathwish vid is coming out in October! It seems too far away

  30. cant wait for the vid dog, death with fo lifee

  31. cant wait to see the video!, skate deathwish or dont fucking skate at all

    felix palacios
  32. hyped on this and my homie dee chillin in those photos