March 28, 2011 | 32 comment(s)

Crooks Riverside Signing!


Mid day swoop at Spanky's to pick up the pre party squad!


Players been on one this morning. Flip Nasty & Lee going bro slap for bro slap.


Roll to Herman's in Hollywood. Some times he takes a min to walk down, Braydon starts a game of 3 flips over the Hollywood stars.


Herman and money

Herm and Money ready to do the damn!

braydon and herman

"Ahh a Twist, Let me get that Herm!" as Braydon reaches for Herms half burnt 50.

bump fake

Herm pump fake.


Money out the deserts of Victorville and in the big city of Hollywood. Next stop Riverside


Bum meditation.


Money can smell we getting close.

Braydon cam

Braydon takes the cam for a few.

Beer stop

Refueling stop for essentials.


Beer and Lotto tickets!


Make it through the torture of Friday LA traffic to Crooks Riverside. Mad kids line the building!

Ran out of markers

The shop had run out of markers so we sent a homie to the store for more. In the mean time we sat back and watched Baker 2g.


The homie Pringle gettin tortured with spray paint from Dancer!

jim greco
Photo: Neal Donnelly

Greco ready to start this thing.


Spanky going for that Homage cut!

Weed treats

The Death Freaks made the crew some weed crispy treats!


You know Beagle Hyped!


Young Herm

Erik ellington

Eriks Hyped fosho! Lets get this thing going.

 Neal Donnelly

Big shout outs to the homie Neal Donnelly for sending us some of his crispy ass photos from the event! Check the rest his pics at

Let them in

Door man lets the crowd swarm in!

Over view
Photo: Neal Donnelly

Inside view of the madness.


herman andrew

Herm and Andrew always be crackin jokes, having fun!



Die hard


Big Happy Mother Fuccin Birthday G! Lee from Vegas holdin it down Jack coozie.

Shop owners

Happy family business owners Allen and his wife Cecilia.


Thats Drew's "I just found a sick new Youtube video" face.

jim greco herman andrew

Peep the vid!


milky purpsPhoto: Neal Donnelly

Milky Purps stayin Milky

death freaks

herman and drew


Shane found a homie with the original copy of the "Chicken Bone" trailer

Jeff Lenoce

Jeff reppin the many different dranks Crooks offers.

Jeff lenocePhoto: Neal Donnelly

Photo: Neal Donnelly

Beagle testing out the flat bar out front.


Death Drank


Beagle and kinfolk out front.

e j

Doin it right, stayin hydrated.


Braydon back room relax

flip nasty

Flip nasty steady doing something.

flip nasty

"Duh i'm working fool!"


Baker Dreamweaver

Photo: Neal Donnelly

moneyPhoto: Neal Donnelly

moose and spankyPhoto: Neal Donnelly

Woo. Take it easy there moose!

kidPhoto: Neal Donnelly

erik ellington



jim greco

herman and fan

andrews reynolds

The good old days

Photo: Neal Donnelly

Shane heyl

Watcha mamma say!

erik ellington

Inhale the marker fumes.


shop deck

And one signed board for the shop to remember we rolled through this thang!

braydon and herman

Product huck time!

board grab

The battle to come up on top.



dane partners


The winner!


get wsome

braydon and purps

Regroup the players to the van. Smoke break.


Sign this Beagle


Purps has lost his mind at this point. Spanky helps to bring him to earth.

sleep time

Amazing what happens in 5 mins. Sleep time!

wake up fool

Now its time to torture the shit out of Purps.


AHhh we far as shit stuck in traffic!

Jeff lenoce and herman

Make it back to Hollywood in one piece. Players grab their goods and we out. Thanks to Crooks Skate shop and all the homies that rolled out for the signing!


  1. damn! ive had all those old school baker boards. my fav out of all of them is the Have a drink on me. still have that shirt!

  2. Pretty sick

  3. FIRST!

    green machine
  4. wussup son!!! my name is ham and im in kentucky and i just wanted to say that i actually have a skate team named crook and that i have never herd of crook skateshop but i guess thats pretty 'biscutes and dope' i just wanted to say that you all should roll throuh some time to cosmic skate shop. we would freak.

  5. also most people dont even know what shake junt is so i spread the word, wear your shoes, wear your shirts, got your board, yo tight as chicken griptape, and acorse yo chicken wax. which tastes good.

  6. hook me up i riding a krap plan b. please hook me up my stupid freind snapped my spanky stay gold board so please donate!

    you create we skate it.

  7. spanky´s tattoo is awesome
    drew erik jim herm you are all awesome!!!! !!!!

  8. It was so awesome to meet all you guys, especially in my home town! Be rad and come back out here again soon!



  11. Thanks for signing the bass homies, shit is looking fresh mounted on my wall. You can check out my band and see me jammin on it right here at


  13. Tat guy brot his bass?!?!?? sick w it

  14. That's my man with the Pabst bass! What a G...

  15. badass signing the funnist sighing ive ever been to

    g code shane
  16. if yall came to sac i would be soo happy

  17. of course the nigger got the board

  18. that signing was sick as shit.i was the guy on the left from the pic that has the 3 guys wearing the deathwish shirts and it says passion.deathwish is the best sk8 team ever and whoever says otherwise should die!!!

    Andrew KIss
  19. that signing was sick as shit.i was the guy on the left from the pic that has the 3 guys wearing the deathwish shirts and it says passion.deathwish is the best sk8 team ever and whoever says otherwise should die!!!

    Andrew KIss
  20. Deathwish needs to get there asses over to Hungry Heart Too skate shop and have a signing could even come to my house after and chill.

    Andrew Kiss
  21. Thanks for comin out and blessin the Riv's. Too much fun, purps was comedy af. He was directing traffic all messed up! Beagles awesome as is everyone who came out haha. Come skate out here, we got mad spots. oh and I think forrest would fit perfect on shake junt... lol

  22. sooooooo coooooool!!!!!
    DeathWish is hott!:)

  23. Awwwww Herman grew himself a fleard? Lol for days

  24. TECATE, sabor con caracter!

  25. Reynolds lowkey starstruck when he saw forrest there haha

  26. I WISH I WAS THERE... that dude milky purps has a sick style btw

  27. lol dont judge me from my screen name lol but you guys are fckin awsome

  28. herm dog is so peezy hahaha

  29. that shit was tight yo!

    kyle burns YO! --//----
  30. babybetten

  31. im a good sk8er but not good like u guys but once i get to u guys level of sk8ing im gonna sent u a video of me......and i smoke hella weed!!!LOL...but be on the lookout for a tough as video by Marvin Jones.jr.

  32. i was there