March 29, 2011 | 22 comment(s)

SJ Dog Collar!


Herman and his best friend Money diggin the new SJ Dog Collars.

shake junt dog collar

The SJ Dog Collar is available in two colors Black & Green. Woo Get Yours Now!!!


  1. niceee :D

  2. I am so gettin this for my dog homage! haha yeah I named the dog homage ....

    Cordell Rosebrock
  3. i need one...where do i get it XD

  4. Damn son! would this fit my cat?

  5. does anybody know what dor breed kickflip and money are? PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!!!!

  6. hott!

  7. what type of camera are you using!!?

  8. Is that a Finnish Spitz? Awesome collar :)


  10. my dick size....

  11. what kinda breed is herms dog?!

  12. Now all I need is a dog..

  13. Herm trackin it backk,and holdn down the penny

  14. Think my little bitch Onyx is gunna be laced!

  15. BASED

  16. Where can I get one ?

  17. what flavor does the dogs poop taste like and what type of clouds are those?

  18. i like that shit

  19. hell ya bryan!!! keep doing yo shit whos dog is that??

  20. Oh yeah now my Pitt is gon' be Shakin' da Junt!

    jquan ellington
  21. bryan herman hardflip that shit nigga

  22. now my dogs gonna be G-CODE shit, nigga be rollin too