March 30, 2011 | 22 comment(s)

Jumbo Ellington Transworld Cover

erik ellington

The homie Mike Fitzgerald from Transworld Skateboarding, dropped off a huge ass version of Ellingtons cover. Time to open this delicate wrap and see this shit!

erik ellington

Boom! There it is!

erik ellington

They also dropped off a gang of mags. Had Erik sign a bunch and throw them in on all sale orders going out this week. So go bug the hell out your shop and see if they got one of those signed copies!!!


  1. nose slide from hell

  2. dude sick hit up ohio shops preferably wapakokanata ones

  3. sick as fuck!!!

  4. Yeah Ellington, this cover fuck!

    Renan Muccillo
  5. death sentence Erik Ellington 2011 going in the history books.


  7. no skate shops here but it would be nice to get a copy!

  8. Real Talk with Ellington soon PLEEEZ, wanna hear what the mule man has to say about this glory

    Carthay Circle
  9. tht'll do Ellington tht'll do

  10. Dude your a fucking DON!!!

  11. Omg!!! Very cool!
    I respect you!!!!

  12. yo mule send us a signed copy of the mag to slugger distribution n we can give it up as a comp prize!!!

    slugger dist
  13. Hey Erik! I just sold one of your boards in my skateshop. The "Last Meal" series one were you shug some champagne. Sick cover! We will keep repping Deathwish over here in Sweden!

  14. Thats really tight.
    Reallllllllly diggin the SJ Hawaiian shirt in the backround of the first pic! haha :) Hawaiians are the best, so comfy.

    Drake Elliott

  16. wath... you wanna fight

    gabrielle chicoine
  17. EE you one of my favorite skaters forsure bro your raw as fuck!! Mad respect man congrats on the cover.

  18. ellington... thats sick dude

  19. Ellington sick as shit kid! ha

  20. one word..epic.

    anibal castro
  21. ¬°¬°¬°fuuuuck..¬°¬°..the Bakerboys (ellington, lizard king, samy baca, brian slash hansen, bryan herman,spanky, reynolds, etc.) you are the best.¬°¬°¬°

  22. Can't wait to see it on the Deathwish video!!!