April 26, 2011 | 8 comment(s)

Neen Goes to the Doctor


Neen rolls over to Bakerboysdist to have his stitches removed from the dome piece. J-Roy shows him to the waiting room/warehouse for the operation.


3 in the dome.

jroy and neen

J-roy goes in for stitch #1. Work through the dried up blood clots and yank.


Stitch # 2 goes faster.


J-Roy gettin use to it, stitches flying out now.

neen last one

Last one. So this should show you something. Friends are way better than doctor visits and they are a hell of alot cheaper. J-Roy is taking appointments from 9am-1pm, Monday through Friday. Hollar!


  1. NEEN!!!! You're my hero.

  2. hell yea haha
    doctors are a waste they work for the government and only tell you the obvious

  3. nik your a idiot. tell me how how much of a waste a doctor is when hes setting that broken bone or giving a life saving operation. fucking moron. neen keep it up mang your tight as fuck


  5. I got 8 stitches on my eye brow that shit hurt like fuck.

  6. I got liver cancer.
    hook a kid up

  7. i took my board to the face 8 times in the past year and most of them were on the same gap
    i had 27 stitches from my nose to my forehead and i went around for a few weeks lookin like the ugliest motherfucka

    tom Solywoda
  8. @mike doctors dont do that stuff surgeons do! doctors are kind of like the people that work in factories that make sure the products ok.surgeons are the people who fix real bad problems. and feel better neen your hardcore!