April 30, 2011 | 23 comment(s)

SLC Punks Day One

group pic 1

Met at the usual spot, BBD warehouse early in the morning. Forced upon group picture and we on the road.


Lizard's just full of so much excitement, he cant wait any longer to leave.


Neen catches his last rays of heat before the 12 hour drive to Salt Lake City.


Gas re up time. Lizard lets Beagle know we running low on gas. He's way more efficient than that lil orange light that comes on.

how do

All they have is the cheap gas. Is that a problem?


Ellington jumps in as sober van driver.


Lizard always lookin out for the crew. Cant have no dirty windows. We riddin clean fool!

lizard windeo

lizard window


Ok thats enough mane, its clean.


lizard help beagle drive

Lizard helping Beagle drive by throwing all the warm goods such as gloves and beanies at him at once.


"Take this shit Lizard, im tryin to drive."

no you should have it

"No you should have it Beagle, to stay warm while you drive."


Take this one too


our crew

Our van was packed the whole ride up.

lunch break

Lunch break at the freeway quickie mart.


Greco just has some slappies instead.

shane heyl

"You look like you need a smoke bud."

rest stop

Rest stop hammers. Its been a long drive, any thing looks good at this point.

erik ellington

Arrive in Salt Lake in about 12 hours. Crews fried, time for hotels and sleep.


  1. when r u guys coming to oz...?

  2. It's so sick to know you guys are here at SLC!!!!Too bad its fucking snowing this friday night!!!Hoping the weather gets better for some shredding and clips for the video!!!!Much Love!!!!

  3. Shake junt killin it. gtwyc

    ya know who it is
  4. where you guys hittin up man?

  5. Yo, I want a tour van so bad!!!

  6. Damn thats whats up, hope yall are havin a good time. shot out to beagle for keepin them eyes on the road!!!

  7. Come up to Wyoming. Ya dig?!

  8. Damn I drove all the way to hollywood to get a hug from antwuan and he wasn't even there...(is that gay?)

  9. Shake Junt Hawaiian shirt!?!?!!

  10. does lizard king have a new pro model shoe coming out?

  11. Whaaat? Shake Junt Hawaiin Shirts!??

  12. lizard is my favorite skater, besides trainwreck . always

  13. Shake Junt Hawaiin Shirts? i want one

    austen farrior
  14. fuck yeah i will skate like a deathwish!

  15. Where is Antwuan

  16. I really diggin them hawaiian shirts yo..

    Cha$e C@rney
  17. Did Antwuan and Slash die or something? I never see them on Baker/Deathwish shit anymore.

  18. Did Antwuan and Slash die or something? I never see them on Baker/Deathwish shit anymore.

  19. Nice pics

  20. where the hell we get shakejunt button ups?

  21. dude me and my friends always stop at the rest stop for a quick sesh on the way up to utah. i know exactly where you guys are

  22. I want that hawiian shirt, son!!! put that in the markets!!!

  23. YEAH BAKER RULEs LOL haha! Pashing foolz