April 30, 2011 | 19 comment(s)

SLC Punks Day Two

Alex and ee

Morning time in Salt Lake City.

pop da trunk

Pop da trunk.


Neen soaking up all the cold rays.


Its fucking cold out here. Beagle finds some random rail road gloves at the store.

ready for whatever

They ready for whatever.


Damn look at them mountains. We such tourist.


Roll in to town and catch some Einstein bagels. Aleks two thumbs up.

Lizard king

Lizard gets the caddy all warmed up. Takes a min to get the rusty door open.


Shane cant believe the inside guts of this vehicle.

lizard inside guts

Inside guts of the caddy.


Ashtray cig balancing act.

Where too

Greco couldn't bear being this close to the blocks with out a quick look. The crew talks about spots while we wait for him to roll back.

out side

Lizard talks spots.

baker for life

Baker for Life!


Lizard navigates the crew to the first spot while yelling out his window. Best tour guide ever!


Half the crew sticks behind to look at spots, we on a swoop pattern for Burnett at the airport.
Ahhh blue mountains.


Burnezzie handlin bizz right off the plane! This Thrasher 30th anniversary aint gonna make its self!



Bad Brains

Bad Brains on the mind!

shoe strings

Beagle bummin he left his belt back home. Hobo shoe strings instead.

warm up sesh

Warm up sesh out front of bucks.



Rock sesh.

lizard crispy

Lizards first day of skating in 3 months since his ankle injury. Sets up the winter crispy.

the crew

Spot talk.

jimmy passion

Lizards homie Jimmy Passion came along too.


Beagle say hello to Jimmy.


cloud shot

Had to get my tourist on. Tried for a group shot but this is all i got.


Furby with his signature color way on the Supra Amigo. Get that shit!


First spot of the day.

jim greco erik

lizard king

Lizard blast one off the dock. Think his ankles feeling better.

lizard king


erik ellington burnett

Ellington and Burnezzie.

jim greco


anti dred

Neens anti dread



Next spot is even colder.

lizard king

"Here start smoking to warm up Burnett."

erik ellington

"Mom I don't like the cold!" Erik calls back home. aahhhhh Just kiddddinggg.

jim greco

Spot this thang. Greco races out the van to check out the gap to rail.

jim greco

Heavy traffic and its starting to snow. This things perfect.


Neen looks out for traffic while smoking a cig. Undercover brother.

erik ellington and shane heyl

Ellington and Shane find the bounty of gloves we had stashed under the seats of the van. If the glove doesn't fit you must acquit. Erik runs into some trouble with his busted hand.

erik ellington and shane heyl

Give me five.




shane heyl

Shane jumps in the van to escape the briskness of the situation.


Beagle readies the new Junt cam for the weather.


Junt cam protected.


Can't risk it. Got to go with the other.

jim greco

Snow Flurries.

Fucking snowing

Beagle gettin snowed on.


Lizard jumps out the van window. "Beagle your hair!"


"You got this Commissioner!" Lizard shouts across the street in the snow flurry.


Dinner at everyones favorite Cafe Rio.

lizard king

Lizard's caddy steady collecting that powders!! In SLC parking tickets are only like 15 bucks.

lizard king

Follow Lizard in search of dry ground.

lizard king

"We here!"

lizard king

18 pack of Natural Light and we ready to shred.

indoor park

Indoor mini ramp!

lizards at home

Lizard feels right at home.




Greco slasher.


Beagle gets run up on by a another beagle hyper as shit.


Lizard stomps it.

erik ellington

Ellington coming in hot.

shane heyl

Shane takes on the junt cam.

lizard king beagle

Break time

lizard king

Shane gets all up in the club.


shane heyl

Goat Mane! Thrash the hell out of the ramp time to bounce.

jim greco

Greco's in need of some high tops for his next hammer tomorrow. Over to Zumiez to see what they got in stock. Skytops for days!!! And no trades means Greco had to come out of pocket. Nothin to a Boss!

jim greco

"What can I say, Muska makes a great shoe for the 'pact!"


Aleks finds his favorite shoe.

nature shot

Nature shot # 23 out side the mall. Roll back to hotels for rest.


Pizza and chill. Goat lets us know about B Herms B-Sides from Emerica. If ya havent seen it you should.

erik ellington

Ellington goes for 2 packets of cheese and one red peppers per slice.

shane heyl

Shane tries the Ellington method. Heart burn and thats a night.



  2. hermans pretty good. i can dig it. stay gnarly

    shayne mitchell
  3. sick tour dude!!!!!

  4. damn , u guys are living the dream

  5. what's lizard's shoe?

  6. hell ya, waratrip! keep going bboysdist! ur team rulez! g-code or die

    tomas da portuguese kid
  7. it's sick that lizard is shredding again, and that all you guys are still shredding! good luck from england

  8. are you guys doing a signing in slc

  9. YEAH! come to houston!!!!!!!!!

  10. Come to Technique Skate Shop.

  11. when are you guys ganna come to upstate new york

  12. fuck technique.
    that place isnt nearly as great as you punkasses make it out to be.

  13. hit knoxville up. wheather is tight down here right now.

  14. fuck yeah, i like furbys new show.

    the herpes
  15. furbys got so much steeze

  16. SLC is such a sick place in the summer. so much to skate and do

  17. herman is more then pretty good more like god on skateboard

  18. lizard has obtained a torture mobile!? So dope. :) haha

  19. Tell furby to make more videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!