May 4, 2011 | 14 comment(s)

SLC Punks Day Four


Ellington warms up in the morning with a cup of fly and coffee.



Neen takes in a deep breath of the clear blue skies of Salt Lake City at the local bucks.


Breakfast on the curb for Erik.

jim greco

Greco does back stretches in his seat.


Neens ready for work.

Pile out

Pile out at the first spot of the day.

greco stretches

More Greco back exercises.

jim greco

Greco long ass back 50s

shane jeyl

Shane locks into that crookey monster with ice cold mountains as the back drop. Scenic.

erik ellington jim greco

Warriors on a path.


Lizard and the good homie Mark White crispy setup time.

lizard king

Insta Hooked!


"Can i get a smoke?"



"Last one i swear!" Heard that about 20 times on this trip so far.

Shane heyl

Shane's Weekend Warriors back pack. All the necessities up in there.

jim greco

You know what he's day dreaming about. BLOCKS! HAMMERS! BLOCKS! HAMMERS!


Furby caught a lil cold. Takes it easy with some Dayquil and Rick Ross.

sun bathing

Sun bathing.

shane heyl

Shane parking lot stroll nose manny through the next spot.


Greco coaching Neen while he stretches out for the set.

jim greco


Lizard gettin' Erik hooked on insta.


Its your boy, Young Una. We roll back to the blocks for more. Duh


Neen blast down the set for warm up. Can't help but laugh as this young una plays around.

Jim huck it.

blogger of the year

Blogger of the year.


Una at it again.

erik ellington

Erik tries his skills on the una.

erik ellington

Arms open, balance. Got this.

erik ellington


erik ellington

Nailed it!



shane heyl

Shane steals Lizards iphone and goes insta crazy.

this kid

This kid had his life changed by Shane. Shane blessed him with the best knowledge ever. How to not skate mongo shit footed. You're welcome young player.

lizard king

Hit up a couple night spots. Lizard brings the hype.

erik ellington

Long one. Now time for a 6 hour drive to Vegas. Lets do this!


  1. lizard no torturo a nadie en el día cuatro? jaja se ve algo tranquilo

  2. seriously those green dunks i needem

  3. is lizard in rehab yet?

  4. why is greco ot dickies on

  5. these fools been in salt lake fo four days and lizards wearin the same shirt enn all tha picks hahaha

  6. please where the fuk is the ledge with greco back fiddy i live in pc utah and in a seroious feen for dry street spots

  7. Shake Junt for life Baker Deathwish for life u guys are my shit antwuan lizzard and figgy u guys are the shit

    matt aper
  8. who the FUCK cares if he's got some dickes on

  9. those silver tools are so dope huh? haha

  10. does somebody know what is the brand of the sweater wich lizard is wearing?

  11. i was trying to teach some kid how not to skate mongo the other day and he strait up fliped out on me

  12. 17 fota is a knock-

  13. lizard is one crazy mother fucker. im justt likee himm lmao1 all my friends call me lil lizardd lmao.

    shake juntt!!!!!
  14. Hey rew, that spot is in South Jordan, the address is 500 West, 10000 south, it is at a business place called pheasant hollow, just look in the alleys, you will find it.