October 19, 2011 | 17 comment(s)

Lizard King Setup


  1. What about that crazy fucking shirt! What is it? And where the fuck do you find a shirt like that!?

  2. Dudes fucking sick, keep it classy, keep it passionate.

  3. fuuck yeaaahhh

    isak von haartman from sweden
  4. Fuck this shit is funny. I remember the day i got a call. homies say they down the block and we headin to oregon. im like why. they say "lizzy, beer, skateboarding, deathwish, dept of skateboarding" i say you "you had me at Lizzard King.

  5. showed up that day met the fucking dude and was stoked he was just like me. got green with twuan. turned into a 3 day trip of sleeping in a tent in the following order of pools:battleground (cops kicked me out at 7 in the mornin) then hood river pool where i first skated a pool. but all this and its funny to hear the king say kids with deathwish tats don't get on the team lol, cause i'm gettin my "deathwish" tat on my stomache like 2-pac has "thug life"....for satan you fuckin pussbaggs

  6. DUDE Fukin LIzard King is the best. HES FUkin BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yo you guys need to wake up already haha and approve my comments

  8. really?!? you guys gunna fuck me over and not post my shit.

  9. lizard king skates like a satan ---------/-/-

  10. beast!!

  11. Lizard king fucking shreds deathwish for Life!!! -------------\-\---

  12. Lizard has a DEATHWISH


    skate or eat shit
  14. He got them Glaucoma shades on! lol

  15. Hope Lizard stays clean and takes any words of wisdom to the core.

    Rack up those sponsors, make some money, and enjoy life, in the long run.

  16. ohh nooo

  17. whats song is that?