November 8, 2011 | 14 comment(s)

Snapshot with Antwuan Dixon

Twuan gets interviewed on Havoc tv!



  2. he's in the jail again??

  3. yo we need you bro.

  4. i love this nigga (no homo)

  5. Is twuan back in there or is this an old video? that would fuckin suck if he was man

  6. does he still own a spot in the deathwish team??:0

  7. Baller!

  8. twon on point as always, sounding super clear like the old days as well

  9. Antwauan is looking good! Can't wait untill he has got some decks!

  10. this nigga:
    getz buck
    dont give a fuck
    and lives life like
    itz his last G-code fosho

  11. man fuck dis shit Antwuan a fuckin beast and dat nigga got hands in almost all his videos he"s fitin

  12. One of the best!

  13. nice sheeeeeeeeeeeit

  14. Why aren't there dixon's pro models deck ?
    Has he left home (Deathwish) ?