November 11, 2011 | 9 comment(s)

Death Kings for days!!!

death kings

Ellington stuntin in his new Death Kings gear! Get some if you know whats good


  1. yo i needa get that deck
    its mad ill

  2. Greco is Gretsky of switch frontside flips!

  3. lol its Gretzky and i love the old LA kings knock off and wish you guys would do a set of Hockey jerseys with each others names and numbers to match this set that would be dope as fuck...

    Deathwish fo life
  4. good cunt we wanna see that video holmies!!

  5. I have that deathkings deck in 8.25! It's so bomb! Best pop ever for sure!

  6. that is hot

  7. Got that death kings deck last week, want that sweater too.

  8. I just got that Sweater today for my bday . shit is sick. want the deck also.

  9. just got the sweatshirt, so damm nice. got the deathwish snapback and purple crystal wash tee also.