December 19, 2011 | 10 comment(s)

Face Time video: Jim Greco

The good people over at ESPN sat down with Greco for a quick interview. Check out the rest of the interview here at


  1. He was high as fuck

  2. I always thought that espn was a jock sports network.... good to see them acknowledge skateboarding as a sport also. jim graco is the shhhiiiiiitttt!!!!!!!!

  3. Greco is back on drugs.

  4. Uh, he's been clean and sober for years now- believe it. Cool interview and sick footage Jim!

  5. He has been sober for a while and look how good he is skating, I don't think he is fucked up.

  6. Fuck yeah, Jim. Legend.
    PS Psychadelic.....Garage. fuckyeah.

    cool as fuck.
  7. Doesnt really looks like hes high just looks like hes running on 2 hours of sleep... i mean looking like that and speech is from years of drugs hes fine i highly doubt he would risk his part in his business to go back into drugs

    Adrian Jimenez
  8. He just like that because espn is boring as fuck

  9. Haha, souhldn't you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

  10. Been following Grecos sobriety for awhile now, I think he's doing just fine. We all miss you Antwuan!

    ted Black