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Transworld Awards 2012

pre party

Roll up to Herman's for the pre pre party warm up. Flip finds some gems on the table to watch

some goods

Some good ones


Which one first Herm?

joey v

Joey V first night out with the boys since his new born daughter came into the world a couple months back. Get Buck!

Herm flip braydon

Dinner with the homies as we all raid Braydon's burrito

lets roll

I keep pushing for us to start walking to the awards. Flip keeps telling me 5 more mins for the last half hour.


Ok Herms gonna start getting ready. Tweest, Check. Mouthwash, check. Ok I'm ready Doug, lets roll

groups shott

Had to do it. Group shot out front before we wander down the street.

we here

WE HERE! Run into Mike Fitz killin it out front helping players get in.

Mike fitz David

These two guys, Mike Fitz and David from Transworld always lookin out for us. Thanks G's! Lets roll in and do this!


Herm, Neck, Beagle, Dustin gettin in the free drink tokens while we can!



Steve from sales new love for the night, the photo booth operator.

prom pic

Prom pic

Joe hon

J-Hon, Lanny, and takin in the event.

G's up

Pete, Jay, West Pabst 4 life!


Ryan Weber sales beast from Blitz and Black Label Legend John Lucero fresh from the photo booth


Twuan in this thang!

Big Float twuan

Mike White aka Big Float and Twuan

darin howard

Everytime i took a photo of Twuan his eyes was either closed or half way there with Dlx Darin Howard.


After multiple tries, Darin starts messing with Twuan and closes his eyes.


Baker Flow Players!

The man

The man, The Myth, Justin Regan!

we dd

We definitely gettin tipsy tonight



Milky Purps!

taylor loves the lord

Taylor loves the Lord, she's just confused.

Fuck your face

Stoners night out back in the alley way


In Previous years, joints were ripped out of our hands when we tried to smoke out back from security. This year the fools was asking if they could hit it.


Transworld photographer Joey and Sin!

Up in the

Up in da club!

B shad

B and

more homies

More Homies!

Matt Price

Matt Price looking very classy tonight.

lets start this

Lets start this thing! Lizard and Brian Schaefer jump on stage to get the crowd hyped!



Skins Hyped!

alek with a k

B and Alek with a k

beau halverson

Beau and B cheers

mr swag

Mr. Swag himself, Kellen Dadd!


Thanks to this G Kingman for always blessin us with Stance Socks! The best socks ever!

Don brown

Don Brown gets on stage to accept the Eric Stricker award for all his hard work through out all the years at sole tech and life in general. When he was on stage he was very thankful but recommended it be given to Shane Heyl! Hard!

herm dog

Herman and Slash presenting rookie of the year.

and the

And the winner is..... Wes Kremer!!


Congrats g!



Boom a friendly beer gets hucked on stage. It dont fade him


victory sip

Victory Sip!


He went on stage with a fun ass impromptu speech


Next up

nike bst

Nike wins best video


Chet had a few long words


Real won best team. They was beyond hyped!


Jim took control of the mic since everyone was too hyped to talk. Thanks to all


Grant taylor

Grant Taylor won best transition. Duh

grant taylor


Beagle and his girlfriend melted in their seats ready for the video to start.

they wont

They wouldn't let me in the back. Not until this guy had a few words with the bouncer.


Gonz starting it off

crowd be loving

Crowd be loving it!


If you can't tell from this picture, Beagles part just came on!




Beagles intro


Sin silhouette

videos over

Videos over

jon holland

Jon Holland the G thanks everyone for there hard work and skateboarding

The video was

The video was ESSENTIAL!!!

don brown was hyped

Don Brown was hyped


so good

So good!

chirs ray

Chris Ray nailed it with his Evan Smith part. Wooo


Spencer and Beagle


Camera men talk and thank yous


Dirty clips

naile d

Beagle nailed it for his first time ever touching the editing world. Crash course!


Braydon and Duffy!


Braydons finger reads "Not here for a long time"

melted jeffery

A melted Jeffrey



All the

Swagged out!


Pick it one time for us


James Fitz and B


Enough said


mike manzoori

Mike Manzoori part was filmed all at night time. So Sick!


Players, I just crush alot

grant taylor

Grant Taylor informing us we should jump in the skate tank if we want to party. Damn i like your style.

good job

Lizard drops into the awards directly after a two week long tour. Time to catch some sleep finally. Thanks to everyone at Transworld as always y'all kill it!!!


  1. What video was played?!?

  2. is twuan back ?

  3. keep smokin shake junt all day!

  4. TWUANNN!!!!!

  5. Lizard aka most passionate host !

  6. what video is that , ive always wanted to watch gonz in attaction i havnt seen his new shit lately, whats the vid called.

  7. It was the new Transworld video the cinematographer project

  8. no more afro :(

  9. Doughnut always coming through with the more than proper posts!

    The video @ Jose is the new TWS film "The Cinematographer Project"


  10. More Brian Michaud!!

    Bring Back Bootleg
  11. im pretty sure it was a THE CINEMATOGRAPHER PROJECT. like the focused on the filmers and they asked them to film whatever they wanted and have sections.

  12. twan is back!! oh god thnk u! OHH DA LAY!