May 24, 2012 | 3 comment(s)

Bake And Destroy!

baker ad

Lenoce and Andrew blastin sky high on the new Baker ad! You already know, its BAKE AND DESTROY!!! Wooo woo to Burnett for taking this photo!


  1. Bake n' De$troy, $upa-$toked !!

    Charles Rodney Lines II
  2. CA$H.

  3. Me and 63 skaters in dc I'm speaker for are proud and posted on da spots killing every thing and waitn for that Bake AND Destroy video to get released...we sold weed and gambled like crazy too make sure everybody got enough...we hittm every store in the dmv thasher is sold....BAKERFORLIFE.....

    Darnell "yungbaker" young