May 24, 2012 | 3 comment(s)

Thrasher Issue 384

Jim Greco Thrasher Cover

We got the new issue of Thrasher Magazine with Jim Greco killing it on the cover!!! Read on to see all the madness!

Baker Ad

Lenoce and The Boss killing it in the new Baker ad, but you already know! Bake and Destroy! Get there!

altamont ad

Herm being a G in the new Altamont ad.

Supra ad

Jim has more than just the cover in this issue! This gnarly heelflip over this roof gap is just the beginning!

Baker Nor Cal trip

Baker NorCal trip

Here are some more "Tales of Bake and Destroy" from the trip up to NorCal! Figgy going hard with the front feeble!

Trapasso ad

Shake Junt rider Nick Trapasso has a shoe on Converse! Get some!

Dickies ad

Greco hopping over cars in the new Dickies ad... no big deal!!!

Krew ad lizard

Krew ad with Lizard.

Braydon Shake Junt ad

You already know, but Szafranski be standing tough in the new Shake Junt ad!

Figgy Active ad

Figgy shredding as usual.

Deathwish Ad

Jim not only has the cover in this issue, but also has a HUGE article with so many crazy photos! Pick up the new mag ASAP to read the entire article!!!

greco page 1

Greco page 2

greco page 3

Greco Page 4

Greco Article page 5

Greco Article page 6

Herman emerica a

Herman again, keeping it classy in the new emerica ad with a stalefish overcrook. Such a G!

Pete Cliche ad

Closing out this issue we got Shake Junt homie and all around good dude Pete Eldridge killing
it for his new board sponsor!

Go out and get the new Thrasher mag ASAP! And keep checking the Bake and Destroy page over at to stay updated on the video!!!


  1. dude holly shit super dope cant wait for bake and destroy FOOL!

    evan mickelson
  2. greco got 3 ads, an interview, and the cover. hells yeah.

  3. Beats By Dre