May 25, 2012 | 12 comment(s)

Greco Street Sweeper Deck In Stock!

Greco with street sweeper decks

A couple months back we posted a few pictures of Jim with one of his custom graphics and we got so many requests that we decided to make some!!!


There are 4 different wood grain colors and are 8.125!!!

We are fully stocked, so look for them in your local shop now! GET SOME!!!


  1. i want one these decks are bad ass i love scatter guns

    austin (clutch) holcombe
  2. Sick board. I just started skating last month and I would get this if I hadn't spent my money on a Lizard King deck. :P

  3. Send some to the canadian shops please

  4. Those boards are fuckin rad

    Stank Ass D
  5. You are the best respec!!

  6. Yellow $treet$weeper all day, BaNgBaNG !!

    Charles Rodney Lines II
  7. !!!BANG $ BANG $ BANG!!!

  8. Sick graphic, Greco is the radest skater ever.

  9. i am geting the red! and can you send me a box.??

  10. I think I hold the world record for the longest boner cause I've had one since Grecos baker 2g part pure hammers !!!! 8.125 is the best shape it can't be beaten!!!! Keep it up homies

  11. so..go buy one

  12. getting one tomorrow!