June 27, 2012 | 12 comment(s)

Thrasher Issue 385

thrasher cover

The new Thrasher Mag is out, and ya'll should grab it quick! It's the special interview issue and who's in it? Well the cover already says Moose, so you know it's good!!

baker ad

You open the cover and BOOM! first thing you get is Shane bangin ya'll over the head with a crook nollie inward heel in the new baker ad! Make sure you hit up the Thrasher Bake and Destroy page and to stay updated on the new Baker video, BAKE AND DESTROY!!!

moose contents

Turn the page and you got Moose killing it on the contents page with a 360 kickflip down a gap! Buy the mag and hang that one on the bedroom wall for sure!!!

ellington supra ad

Erik has a new shoe out on Supra! Nollie flipping double sets no problem!
beagle interview

BEAGLE got himself a sequence in Thrasher with a fakie nosegrind switch crook for more "Tales of Bake and Destroy!" Killing it as usual behind and infront of the lens!!!

altamont ad

Boss mane for Altamont, Check out his signature collection over at!

ccs ad

Lizard crooked grinding for CCS

brigada ad

If ya'll didn't already know, Brigada Eyewear has hit the streets!!! Find a shop near you and pick up some of Drews signature shades ASAP!!!

moose page 1 interview

The Moose interview is tight, you should pick up the mag and read it NOW! Check out this gnarly SWITCH kickflip down this set in his signature Deathwish tee!

moose page 2 interview

It gets even crazier on the next page where he nosegrind nollie heels out! Moose kills it, but you already know!!!

lizard interview

Lizard even got in on the interview action!


After they interview a bunch of skaters, Thrasher interviews the Team Managers, look at our very own Doughnut all up in Thrasher! WOOOO!

moose omit ad

Moose shredding for Omit

drew emerica ad

Emerica ad with Drew for the Altamont x Emerica collab! Better cop some of those too!

indy ad

Last page of the issue we got what could possibly be the best ad of the mag!

back cover

Figgy closes it out with a front feeble backside 180 out on the back cover!!!

Buy a stack of the new Thrashers and keep checking the Thrasher Bake and Destroy Page and for updates on the video!!!


  1. can't wait for the vid

  2. Death Wish video and the BAKER video dropping soon!!! What more could you ask for

  3. sickkkkkk

  4. Ooooooo Shane be gettin' it! Geeked for the videos, keep up the good work G's

  5. fuck new double E's yeeah

  6. Damn that mag looks sick af cant wait for the vids to come out

  7. so many moose ads and hes been killing it so much lately, all i have to say is.....TURN HIM PRO

  8. New Ellington'$ lookin' $icky ! Kan't wait 2kop a pair or two !!

    Charles Rodney Lines II
  9. when will come the new supras for mexico ellington want some

    Pako Ranhell
  10. Cant wait for the new DeathWish vid drops im coppin that moose is gonna rip it

    Donald Cleaves
  11. i read the interview with moose lol i feel u dog meth heads are way fuckn shady

  12. i just bought this and where is the poster?